Articles by: Chor-Episcopos Kuriakos Thottupuram PhD DD

When Divinity meets Humanity…

When Divinity meets Humanity… We hear the Christmas story every year during the month of December. What we hear is the story of purely mundane things. We hear about a couple looking for a lodge in an emergency situation; the young woman was in her full term of pregnancy and was about to give

The Last Paschal Meal of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ

The Last Paschal Meal of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ For Orthodox Christians the last Paschal meal of our Lord is the most crucial act of Christ, which is inseparably intertwined with His very act of self-immolation on the cross as a sacrificial Paschal Lamb, and it is the most pivotal act on which rest all the mysteries of human

Thoughts On Closing The Great Lent

Thoughts On Closing The Great Lent In a week, we will have completed forty days of fasting, which we call Great Lent, as a penitential preparation for ten days of intense meditation and recollection on the passion and death of our Lord and God Jesus Christ, and for His crowning victory over death by His resurrection.

Passover is Crossover

Passover is Crossover In Orthodox Christian Theology the most meaningful word after Christ or Jesus is Pascha, which is a Greek rendering of the Aramaic word Pesacha, from which during the very apostolic times Pascha became part of the spoken Greek of the first century. Etymologically, Pesacha comes from the Hebrew word, Pesach,

Christ Is Risen, Indeed He Is Risen

Christ Is Risen, Indeed He Is Risen The empty tomb of Christ is a historical reality for every orthodox. The four gospels were written by four different men on different occasions and for different purposes. All of them clearly certify that Jesus rose from the dead without any doubt. Recently a United Methodist bishop was reprimanded by

Repent Ye, Holy Church

Repent Ye, Holy Church REPENT YE, HOLY CHURCH, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, AND CONVERT BEFORE YOU CELEBRATE THE HOLY PASCHA This period experiences a great turmoil, which has never been in recent times. The earth is roaring with anger. Our climate has not been normal for past the past few years; our weather has

Christ Is Born; Glorify Him!

Christ Is Born; Glorify Him! Anselm the English bishop and monk almost nine hundred years tried to philosophically unravel the mystery of incarnation in the context of many questions raised by several profane philosophers and critics of Christianity. The result was the book “Cur Deus Homo”. It was a sophisticated book which was basically intelligible

Privy Purse Of Diocesan Bishops In The Orthodox Church

Privy Purse Of Diocesan Bishops In The Orthodox Church Privy Purse literally means allowance of money allocated from the public revenue for the private expenses of a Sovereign or monarch. Our bishops are generally considered kings of their dioceses (a bishop is a king of his people, priest of his people and a prophet of his people). And on

Christ Is Born; Adore Him And Venerate His Humility

Christ Is Born; Adore Him And Venerate His Humility Remember that the celebration of Christmas was not one of the original feasts related to the mystery of Christ celebrated by the ancient Church. Among all the feasts of the Church the most important was the Celebration of Resurrection of Christ or Passover, or Pascha, because it was His resurrection

Who Is A Catholic?

Who Is A Catholic? About forty years ago I had the opportunity to visit the ordinary of the Orthodox (Russian) Diocese of Chicago, Archbishop John of blessed memory, a very saintly prelate whose sanctity was well known among his people. Although he was a bishop of the Byzantine tradition, he was extremely warm towards
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