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The Spirit Of Divinazation

The Spirit Of Divinazation Is Christianity an impossible deal? The answer is yes and no. Yes, for only those who do not take the indwelling Holy Spirit seriously. The apparently impossible teaching of our lord can be practiced if we cooperate with the guiding spirit. That is why Christian life is often defined as

Why Turn To East For Prayer?

Why Turn To East For Prayer? Jews who live anywhere outside the holy city of Jerusalem traditionally turn to the direction of Jerusalem in Palestine ( modern Israel) for prayer, Muslims anywhere in the world will turn to Ka'aba, the sacred black stone in Mecca, Saudi Arabia for the prescribed hours of prayer.

The Principles Of Orthodox Worship

The Principles Of Orthodox Worship Human mind is provided with conscious, sub conscious and unconscious layers. Worship is not only the transfiguration of the conscious mind. It transforms the whole being . St. Paul expresses this process as follows

Scripture And Tradition

Scripture And Tradition Tradition constitutes the Christian faith. It can be devoted as the act, by which something, which is handed down from ancestors of posterity. The Orthodox churches hold the view that apart from the Holy Scripture, other sources of divine revelation manifested through the incarnating Jesus also form part what churches

Oriental And Eastern Orthodox Churches

Oriental And Eastern Orthodox Churches First, both Roman Catholics and Protestants are Western Christian groups. The Orthodox Church is not Western Christianity. Eastern in origin, it was from the beginning open to influences from all cultures. In the first century, Christianity was primarily an Asian-African religion.

Orthodox Spirituality

Orthodox Spirituality Spirituality may be defined as the life in and with the Holy Spirit.  It is an ascetic and pious struggle against sin through repentance, prayer, fasting and participation in the sacramental life of the Church.  St. Paul Says: “Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of

Fr. Dr. V. C. Samuel: A Theologian of Oriental Orthodoxy

Fr. Dr. V. C. Samuel: A Theologian of Oriental Orthodoxy Fr. Dr. V.C. Samuel is the most eminent historian in the Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church. He acquired knowledge in Syriac language and theology at a younger age and became a Malpan (Teacher of Syriac and ecclesiastical studies) in the Church. As a priest in the Indian Orthodox Church he actively

The Rich Young Man And Jesus

The Rich Young Man And Jesus When we go through the Gospel narratives the encounter of Jesus with young people seems very attractive. Young people are fond of asking questions, because they want to find answers for all the issues of their day to day life. Jesus was patient enough to hear the problems of the

Holy Eucharist And Freedom

Holy Eucharist And Freedom As Christians and especially Orthodox, we have a rich tradition of the Holy Qurbana. How many of us realize the importance of participating in the Holy Mystery? Are we forced into Church every Sunday by our parents or by our community? It is a problem that many youngsters face today.

The Food Security Project Of Jesus

The Food Security Project Of Jesus The price of food materials is increasing everywhere in the world along with that of oil. Inflation is a regular phenomenon in countries like India and people are afraid of starvation. Economists and scientists suggest many ways to control inflation and to put an end to the rise of price
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