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The Absence Of Parents In The Keralite Families In America

The Absence Of Parents In The Keralite Families In America Our children are lacking the presence of parents because of the busy life in the United States and the demands of work on both parents. Our fathers are working more than 40 hours a week and our mothers are working almost 60 hours a week.

Sunday Before Pentecost

Sunday Before Pentecost The basic reason of the incarnation of our redeemer was the replacement of the entire mankind in God Almighty. As the humanity is living on the earth, where the Satan could play his tricks every now and often and trap as many of the children of God as he could.

Fasting In The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Tradition

Fasting In The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Tradition It is widely known that the Orthodox Churches give much importance to fasting, following the example of Jesus Christ and of the apostolic community. The noun fasting means non-eating and non-feeding.  But every non-eater is by no means a faster and everyone who is an eater and restrains himself by

Expectation And Pentecost

Expectation And Pentecost We read in the first chapter of the Acts of Apostles about the Ascension of our Lord Jesus on the 40th day after the blessed Resurrection. Before Ascension, our Lord exhorted His beloved followers and the Apostles to wait for His Father’s promise. Our Lord also informed them that they

The Feast Of The Ascension Of Our Lord

The Feast Of The Ascension Of Our Lord Today’s reading is the continuation of our Lord’s appearance to the two Apostles that went to Emmaus. As soon as the two realized the great and exciting experience of being with the risen Lord, they rushed back to their colleagues and shared what they saw and what they experienced.

St. Mary The Mother Of God

St. Mary The Mother Of God Among all the saints of the Church, St. Mary occupies a preeminent position. This prominence is the consequence of her role as the Mother of God (Theotokos), a title that was underscored by the Ecumenical Council of Ephesus (A.D. 431) and firmly establishing it in the spirituality of the Church.

Identify The True Spirituality

Identify The True Spirituality In today’s world, we slowly stumble on the fact that miraculous healing is turning out to be a very inevitable part of Christian ministry. And this idea is well propagated in most of the religious TV channels. Jesus and his disciples during their life time healed many sick people. But
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