Indian Orthodox Herald Stops updating

Written By: on Jun 1st, 2013 and filed under Features, News, World News.


PHILADELPHIA: Due to financial crisis and rising server costs Indian Orthodox Herald is forced to stop news updating English Edition for the time being.

Please visit Malayalam Edition for news updates.

Fr. Shebaly
Editor In Charge

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3 Responses for “Indian Orthodox Herald Stops updating”

  1. I intend to summon a meeting of the Friends of Orthodox Herald to discuss about this matter. It can be held in April. You can contact me at :

    Daniel Pullelil Achen

  2. To the Editor & all concerned:

    As a true Orthodox Church follower, I have already paid US Dollar 100.00 within the last 6 months to Indian Orthodox Herald towards financial aid for its uninterrupted functioning.

    However, it is a sad thing that many of its readers are either reading it for free or are entering it in order that their names may become popular!

    One other group is the Jacobite church members who want to enter it with the sole intention to oppose the Orthodox church faithful.

    Also, the Indian Orthodox Church, having 2 Bishops, with more than 100 churches and equal number of clergy in USA, also do not want to financially support this venture!

    Under the circumstances, my sincere opinion is that if the Chief Editor find it difficult to continue the website due to financial problems, he may stop publishing it for ever!

  3. Reni Daniel says:

    I am shocked that no one has raised concern about this. I request readers to visit the Malayalam page and see the response.

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