Anniversary celeberations of St. Gregorios congregation- Riyadh

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RIYADH: Anniversary celebrations of st. Gregorios Sunday school & congregation, Riyadh was conducted on 8 February 2013 Friday.

After the service, the program commenced with the prayer song by Sunday school students.

Various programs by the children and congregation members were staged on the occasion. Single song, group song, single dance, group dance, action song, Margam kali, Sangeetha shilpam, Katha prasangam, instrumental music, bible reading and skits based on, bible stories and social and moral values, were the highlights of the program.

The prizes were given away by Saji Varghese, Laji Joseph, Sabu Skaria, Rosy Jacob and Swapna Rijan. Reji Thomas, Saji Varghese, Sabu Yohannan and Sonia Stephen delivered felicitation speeches.

Saji Zacharia welcomed the gathering and Saji Thankachen proposed vote of thanks.

Benny Paul, Vinod Koshy, Joby Mathew, Jiju P Stephen, Sanju P, Sony Sam, Sunny Ninan, Sony George, Beena Vinod and Annamma Roshan gave leadership for the program.


News reported by: Jiaosn Jacob

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