Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim renews call for dedication as La Moriyo Zegtho DVD, CD released

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BENGALURU: HG Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan, Bengaluru Diocese, released the DVD and audio CDs of La Moriyo Zegtho, on the second day of the 3-day Bengaluru Orthodox Convention (Meltho) from January 18-20, 2013.

Dr Mar Seraphim in his brief DVD comments said La Moriyo Zegtho, a worship session, was a trendsetter which enabled many to turn to the Lord more fervently. His Grace hoped those involved would further use their talents vigorously to glorify God’s name.

The Metropolitan said the Oriental Orthodox chants were unique and thanked Bengaluru Orthodox choir and its leadership of Fr John Samuel, Dn Abraham Philip and singers from all over India towards the work.
La Moriyo Zegtho (Worship to the Lord), had marked a history for the Indian Orthodox church with a liturgical symphony of Orthodox liturgical chants and created a mystical feel to everyone who participated in it.

The orchestration and training for the choir was successfully done by Fr John Samuel.

Fr John Samuel says there have been huge requests for buying the CD, DVD from people all over the world. Right now they are planning to upload with downloading option via Pay Pal account and those in India can contact the Bengaluru Diocese directly or through the Diocese Metropolitan (email: [email protected]).

La Moriyo Zeghto, a liturgical symphony to Oriental Orthodox beats, was held during the occasion for the celebration of 1,960 years of Orthodox Syrian Church in India and the centennial celebrations of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox by Bengaluru Diocese at Christ University Auditorium on October 23.

Fr John Samuel (Roy Achen), La Moriyo Zegtho’s conceiver and conductor, had remarked that the audience had experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit during the symphony. It was certainly a dream come true and confesses that “three of them who had gone astray from Orthodox to a new type charisma had confessed and returned back.”

Meanwhile, the eighth Bengaluru Orthodox Convention was organised by Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Bengaluru Region, at the India Campus Crusade Auditorium, St Thomas Town, Hennur Main Road, Bengaluru. The faithful in large numbers attended the session which were addressed by Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim and renowned convention speaker Rev Fr Jojy K Joy.

For obtaining DVD, CDs, please contact the Bengaluru Aramana at:

# 1 Malankara Veedhi, (Behind Sharma Farm House),
Dodda Gubbi Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560 077, India


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