4-pronged resolution for Nineveh Fast, the lent of repentance

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NARODA, Ahmedabad: Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan, Diocese of Ahmedabad, has come out with a four-pronged resolution for Nineveh Fast or the lent of Repentance which is being observed from January 21-23, 2013.

Dr Mar Yulios has called upon all faithful members of Ahmedabad Diocese to observe the lent rigorously and attain from God His abundant grace.

Nineveh Fast, a preparatory period of fasting and prayer, is observed before the Great Lent and the blessed feast of Resurrection of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, which is the basis of Indian Orthodox faith.

The Metropolitan elaborates that “if we compare our modern life with that of the Ninevites we may be eligible for more severe punishments. But as the Ninevites fasted and prayed severely for 40 days and nights and averted God’s anger, we may also transform God’s anger and punishment into mercy and blessings! This year let us observe this lent rigorously and attain from God his abundant grace. Let us look into the matter more spiritually and scientifically.

The young Metropolitan has advised to adopt to ‘Fruitarians’ (consuming only fruits), during the period. Nutritionists say that a diet constituting of fruits for three days was an efficient and assured way of rejuvenating and detoxifying the body. “Let us look into the matter spiritually and scientifically. Those who can fast till afternoon or evening can do so and for three days,” he says.

Dr Mar Yulios has in the Kalpana No 03/13 dated January 18, 2013 also suggests to practice prostration, to pray twice a day and to keep aside a small amount towards charity.

For aiding the less privileged, His Grace has suggested to contribute whole heartedly a sizeable amount saved during the three-day fast and forth coming Great Lent to Prerna Special School for the mentally challenged children, run by STOTS in Kalmeshwar, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The school is doing a remarkable work in serving the society and extending the comforting hand of Christ to the needy in the society. This is being done through the MGOCSM who has come up with this noble project.

The Bull was issued from St Thomas Bishop’s House, the Head Quarters of Ahmedabad Diocese in Naroda, Gujarat.

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