Mathews Mar Barnabas : A Tribute

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A tribute to the Late Lamented Mathews Mar Barnabas (1924-2012) by Elizabeth Joy , Deputy Secretary, Desk of Spiritual Organisations in UK

I have never met you
Yet, have heard so much
About you as a teacher
A very good preacher
Who needed few words if any
As you are witnessed to by many

A caring shepherd who could lead
An inspiringleader to sow the seed
Seed of Love, humility and sincerity
Filled with deep Spirituality
I wish we could embrace and share
Even a bit of what you were

Your love for God and for people
Would ring aloud from the tallest steeple
It will be heard by generations to come
Pray that your life of simplicity
Be reflected in every home
They’re hallmarks of a great Spirituality

It is sad to say bye to a Role Model like you
We adore your saintly life & wish to renew
Our own life styles, to be simple and true
Pray for us, help us to follow you
We take note of your struggles and strife
We rejoice in your birth and your life!

You will forever live in our hearts
As generation after generation departs
As we specially observe Human Rights Day
You show the possible way
To address and wipe out poverty
To bring about true liberty

Your wooden cross, staff and simple attire
Are symbols of our faith that we admire
There within the wooden staff and cross
We find the Saintly Bishop moving across
Time and space to preach God’s love
May we commune with you from ‘here and now’.

Go in peace dear Shepherd and lead
From now on, please intercede
May we choose the simple life-style
Be willing to walk another mile
As we live out the Gospel
That you’ve lived amidst your people!

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  1. Silver and Gold Have You None. You have given us Abundant Grace of Jesus of Nazareth.
    Pray for Us.

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