Does the Lay-leaders of the Church are ignored and are the positions ornamental?

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We have a serious problem that to be addressed at large! Malankara Orthodox Syrian church has adopted a constitution of democracy in administering the church. That is why we have Lay Trustee and Secretary from parish to church level. Now a day it is a bad tendency that the clergies are blocking the recognition to the lay leaders and trying to ignore the lay leaders.

The Vicars in some parishes changed the positions of the Trustee as treasurer and the laymen kept quiet as they may be ignorant or they are afraid of the Vicar. If there are any public function the Clergies will find seat for the clergy, deacons and even to seminarians at the stage and they will extend welcome and thanks to them but they will ignore if there is any Managing committee member or Diocesan council Member, and the lay leaders, which is not at all the correct procedure. Parish-Diocesan-Church level all the functions are arranging and organizing by the laymen but when the function come the stage will be decorated by all those have robs and crowns only and the laymen are ignored. They have the places at the “Kitchen or “Vadakke Puram”.

This type of clergy monopoly is spreading and the laymen keep quiet and then it is becoming an order gradually.

We celebrated a great function and of course the lay leaders are the ones who arranged everything and no lay leaders were allowed to do their roll on the stage. Lay Trustee and Association Secretary got a chair at the stage clergies including the Priest Trustee got roll in stage but the lay leaders were ignored. This should be stopped and the laymen should not allow proceeding to eradicate their rights. It should be a subject that we need to discuss and stand for.

Unacceptable Supremacy of clergies “Pawrohithya Melkoyma” cannot be tolerated. When we tolerate it, it makes to loose the rights of the Laymen. Laymen are the main stream that keeps the church strong and the foundation of the Church. If laymen are not active then there will not be any Church. This subject should be taken seriously. The clergies are decision makers for the Holy sacraments, faith and order but administration and other matters the laymen have important part along with the clergy and they are also the decision makers.

Every hierarchy should show the respect and then only they can get the respect. The Church leaders should show us the obedience among them to their superiors and that enables the laymen to obey the superiors.

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7 Responses for “Does the Lay-leaders of the Church are ignored and are the positions ornamental?”

  1. Reni Daniel says:


    Please stop fighting with priests who are appointed by God

    Please work for the CHURCH with more dedication and make your shephered (Achens) real winners! Then see for yourself how GOD will BLESS each one of you!

  2. joy says:

    This article speaks of an isue that many have hesitant to address but very true. Some vicars in the southwest American Diocese are goof examples of this.

  3. I wish the editors of this site would proof the work before posting it!

  4. P S Thomas says:


  5. sunil says:

    It’s very true in every level.

    Thanks for sharing the truth, Most of our Bishops are behind Big Projects… Leaving the poor faithfull members….

  6. വളരെ നന്നായിരിക്കുന്നു. പട്ടി കുരച്ചാല്‍ പടി തുറക്കുമോ? നമ്മള്‍ എഴുതുന്നതു മിച്ചം. കൂടതല്‍ എഴുതുന്തോറും കഴഅഷരം നന്നാകും.

  7. we have to stop this sort of practice. In a democracy country democracy should get its attention and value.We need very strong leadership now.

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