Catholicos forms follow up panel from Muscat Maha Edavaka for Parumala Cancer Care Centre

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MUSCAT: The Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan, HH Baselious Mar Thoma Paulose II, has constituted a 12-member follow-up committee for collection of necessary funds for the timely completion of the St Gregorios International Cancer Care Centre (Research & Development) coming up at Parumala in Kerala.

In a Kalpana issued dated August 28, 2012 (No MOSC/CMM/364/2012), the Catholicos has formed the committee exclusively with members from the Muscat Mar Gregorios Maha Edavaka.

The committee has been formed to source funds required to implement the mega project at the cancer care hospital. The cancer centre is owned and managed by the Holy Epsicopal Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

The Kalpana notes Fr Shaji Mukadiyil Baby, Finance Director, SGICCC, has already visited churches in the Sultanate of Oman and UAE to collect funds for the prestigious project.

Fr Joji George Koickalethu, Vicar, Muscat Maha Edvaka will head the 12-member committee as its President. The other members of the committee include: Jacobs Kuriakose, Convenor,, Babu Varghese, Co-ordinator, E I Rajan, Trustee, Dr Prakash C Ninan, Co Trustee, John Thomas (Santhosh), Secretary, P K Koshy, Sabha Managing Committe Member, Geevarghese Yohannan, Thomas Vaidyan, John Thomas Vadakkedom, Boban Mathew Thomas and Biju Parumala

The committee will have a tenure of two years till August 30, 2014, states the Kalpana.

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