Uphold family values : Dr Mathews Mar Timothios

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MUSCAT: Dr Mathews Mar Timothios, Diocese Metropolitan of UK-Europe and Africa, has called upon upholding “family values” which is slowly on the vane in the present day context.

Dr Mar Timotios was delivering the presidential speech during the annual parish fete perunal and sale after leading the Holy Eucharist (Tri-mass) at St Thomas Church Ruwi, on November 2.

Also present on the dias were Fr Joji George Koickalethu(President/Vicar), Fr Binu John Thomas, (Associate Vicar), Fr Varghese George, E I Rajan, (Trustee), Dr Prakash Ninan (Co-Trustee), and Mathew P Thomas (Wadi Kabir East Area Committee member).

Noted orator Very Rev Mathai Edayanal Cor Episcopa from Diocese of Angamaly was also present.

Fr Joji George Koickalethu in his address paid rich tributes to former priests, members of the laity who strove hard to bring the church to its present stage during its 40 long cherished years (1972-2012).

Various entertainment programmes from spiritual organisations like Martha Mariya Samajam (skit on Sneha Thanalil Ee Sayahnam), Sunday School and Youth Movement enthralled the crowd.

Auction of first fruit offerings from the members were also held on the occasion. Mammen George (Mamachan) and Biju Parumala led the front in auctioning the first fruit offerings.

Muscat Mar Gregorios Maha Edavaka is named after its patron saint St Gregorios of Parumala and celebrates Harvest Festival and parish day on November 2 each year.

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