The minds of children are temples where Jesus Christ lives: Mar Polycarpose

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RIYADH: “The minds of children are temples where Jesus Christ living and when they are taught with teachings of Christ in the childhood itself, they will become one in Christ.” said Yuhanon Mar Polycarpose

Yuhanon mar Polycarpose, Metropolitan of Angamali Diocese of the Orthodox Church was speaking this while he was delivering the message at the OVBS closing ceremony of Saint Gregorios Sunday schools Riyadh

In his speech, Mar Polycarpose commented that the ventures undertaken by OVBS activists of the orthodox congregations in Riyadh are laudable and noble.

The closing ceremony of the OVBS under the joint auspices of Saint Gregorios Sunday schools Riyadh was conducted on Friday, 9 November with spectacular programs.

The final day celebrations commenced with rally of students, wearing OVBS crowns and holding OVBS flags. The children chanted OVBS slogans and sang marching song in the rally. The session started with prayer song by students.

Various attractive programs were presented by the children of beginner, primary, junior, intermediate, senior and secondary sections, there after. The programs consist of group songs, action songs, memory verses, dances and skits implying good moral values. The evaluation reports of the 10 days OVBS were presented by teachers, students and parents in the meeting. Thomas Eapen, Beena Vinod, Nixon Abraham,Leji Thomas,Sony Sam, Shanel P Sabu and Christina Biju participated in the evaluation sessions. The certificates of OVBS teachers and the kit containing certificates and OVBS materials of students, were awarded in the meeting.

The report of the OVBS was presented by Secretary Reji Thomas. The welcome speech was delivered by Chacko George, superintendent of OVBS. OVBS convener Saji Thankachen proposed the vote of thanks.

Hundreds of congregation members attended the function to view the programs of students.


News reported by: Jaison Jacob

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