Bishop Tawadros II will be the 118th Pope of the Coptic Church

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Bishop Tawadros will be ordained Nov. 18 as Pope Tawadros II.(Photo: Sami Wahib, AP)

CAIRO: Bishop Tawadros II is named the 118th leader of the Coptic Church in a ceremony in Egypt’s capital Cairo on Sunday.

A blindfolded child reached into a crystal chalice and pulled out a slip of paper — and Egypt’s Coptic Christians had a new pope.

Copts believe that the boy’s hand would be guided by God. He reached into the vessel and pulled out the name of Bishop Tawadros, who will be the next spiritual leader of the Copts.

On Nov. 18 Bishop Tawadros will be ordained as Pope Tawadros II, the 118th pope of the ancient Coptic Orthodox Church. His challenges will be even more daunting than those that faced Shenouda.

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