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Blessings to Very Reverend Chor Episcopoi, Reverend Fathers, Reverend Deacons, and faithful of the Northeast American Diocese.

Dearly beloved,

We issue this Kalpana to offer our solidarity with all people who are suffering from the destruction Hurricane Sandy has left behind. The scenes of utter devastation as a result of this super storm are engrained in our hearts. Upon hearing of the chaotic situation, His Holiness the Catholicos personally called us, to express His Holiness’ concern and prayers for those in the path of the Hurricane.

It brought a sigh of relief for us, to know that none of our clergy or faithful was injured as a result of this storm. However, as reported to us, it brings us pain that our parish, St. George Orthodox Church of Staten Island, New York, sustained damage.

During these holy days of the Church as we celebrate the Feast of All Saints, the Feast of St. Gregorios of Parumala, and Kudosh Etho on Sunday, let us seek the intercession of the Saints that their prayers may strengthen us, and those who are suffering. Let us also look at this liturgical New Year, as a time to renew our calling as Christians, and to be vehicles of love, mercy, and charity to those who are suffering.

We request all the clergy and faithful of the Northeast American Diocese, to contribute generously to local charities that are providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

May the blessings and mercies of God Almighty be showered upon us all! Yours in our Lord,

Zachariah Nicholovos Metropolitan

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