Bengaluru Diocese Youths have experience of a life time at Yovela 2012

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BENGALURU – Located about 4,851 feet above sea level, Nandi Hill, was the location for Bengaluru Diocese MGOCSM and OCYM youth camp titled Yovela 2012.

The youths experienced great feeling staying at the camp above the hills for 3-days at the Promised Land, Glorious.

Youths from the Orthodox churches in Bengaluru who attended were touched, moved and transformed.
“No words can describe the wonderful experience each one of us went through during Yovela 2012. This was your camp, and you have made the change towards the greater glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are happy that you have experienced what we intended from the camp “full of joy”, wrote a youth on Facebook.
While another wrote: “Truly an experience of a lifetime. Every bit and piece of knowledge, insight and information helped in fulfilling the mission of being “Ambassadors of Church.”

For three days, four priests, deacons and Bengaluru Diocesan Metropolitan HG Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim addressed the them in various sessions.

The youths stayed in cottages. The camp included ice breaking activities, campfire, group discussions, moral ethical topics, outdoor games, sports time and talk on confession.

The speakers were Rev Fr Philip Kuruvila, Nagpur, General Co-ordinator, Ecumenical Solidarity for HIV and Aids Programme, NCCI, Dn Abraham Philip, New York, Bachelors in Counselling and Sociology, Dn Jackson Mathews, Nagpur Seminary, OVBS Co-ordinator, OKR, Sunday School, Ms Susan Mathew, Philadelphia, USA, Member, Daughters of the King.

On the concluding day, Dr Mar Seraphim led the Holy Eucharist. Student Chaplain Priest Fr Cyril Varghese, Rev Fr Joy Samuel also took part.

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