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Catholicate centenary: Diocese presents a unique liturgical symphony

BENGALURU: A new concept of musical concert which is unparalleled and unique will unfold on October 23 at Christ University Auditorium as part of Bengaluru Diocese’s celebrating the 100th year of the establishment of the Catholicate.

La Morino Zegtho or the Worship to the Lord will be an evening of liturgical Oriental Orthodox chants and a first of its kind in the history of Indian Orthodox Church.

Fr John Samuel popularly known as Roy Achen is going to make this happen as he leads the Bengaluru Orthodox Choir along with the unstinted support of its dynamic Metropolitan HG Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, concert musicians and chamber voices.

In an interview, Roy Achen, explains the reasons why he went his way out to organize his ‘dream concert.’
“This is a new concept and unless it is performed nobody can really understand what I intended in my mind. I tried to conduct this programme in several other outside parishes where they can afford such an event. But they could not imbibe my intentions. Parishes are ready to conduct a celebrity programme or a comedy show, but not a liturgical symphony!”

This concert will be a music symphony with Orthodox liturgical chants that incorporates all the chants from the Feast of Nativity until resurrection or the Feast of Easter.

For the past 3 years, Roy Acen had visualized this dream concert in his mind. Now he’s on the threshold of presenting the life history of Lord Jesus communicating through liturgical chants in Malayalam, Syriac and in English with inclusion of Holy Eucharist.

London-based Roy Achen explains that though symphony is not the only way to pay homage to the Holy Church Fathers, but he chose his own unique way to project this. He promises to take the audience traversing through the life history of Jesus Christ from His birth until resurrection. “The liturgical hymns are so rich and holy that spiritual energy emitted through these will take us to a different divine realm,” Fr Samuel confesses.
Dr Mar Seraphim says the concert will go a long way towards familiarsing the young generation the beauty and depth of Orthodox worship.

Since July, Fr Samuel has travelled to Bengaluru every week despite constraints to train the Bangalore Orthodox Choir which is trying hard to learn the liturgical hymns especially in parts. He is prayerful and requests the prayers of all towards the successful conduct of the event. Here’s wishing Roy Achen all the best.

The concert is being held in aid of Snehabhavan, a primary school and residential care centre for children with special needs in Karnataka’s Mysore district.

What: Liturgical Symphony La Morino Zegtho
When: October 23, 2012, Tuesday
Where: Christ University Auditorium, Bengaluru