Religious tolerance should give way to harmony: Dr Mar Yulios

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MANAMA – Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios has said that today’s world, which is in pursuit for peace, only being ‘harmonious’ can help us build or heal. “Through a ‘give and take’ deal and by avoiding radical differences which may lead to friction, we must learn to live hand-in-hand with tradition and faith.”

Dr Mar Yulios said these remarks in an interview with Daily Tribune’s reporter Raji Unnikrishnan which was published in its issue dated October 9, 2012. The Metropolitan was in Bahrain as the speaker and chief celebrant for the annual convention and feast of dedication at St Mary’s Indian Orthodox Cathedral.
Dr Mar Yulios also gave an interview with Gulf Madhyamam, Bahrain edition.

The visiting bishop who shared his thoughts on global peace said that tradition has its meaning and one should be able to demonstrate faith through cultural excellence.

“Religion is by faith while culture is supported by land. One can definitely have his or her faith deep-rooted, while living in accord with the traditions, which completes the term ‘religious harmony,” His Grace explained. Religious tolerance should give way to religious ‘harmony’, which will open ways to global peace, remarked Dr Mar Yulios in the interview.

“Tolerance is forcing one to the ideologies of other religions, whereas ‘harmony’ is whole-heartedly accepting and respecting God’s creations, pointed out Dr Mar Yulios.

Reiterating that religious tolerance is compulsory, he sternly pointed out that radicalism is not acceptable in a global community.

“Truth has only one face; but like the spectrum that spreads the colours, it could be interpreted differently. I believe that all religions should be open in terms of accepting one another.

Religion is the outward aspect, while expression of this should be love and charity ­ be it under any faith and this is the ultimate truth,” Dr Mar Yulios revealed in the interview.

The Metropolitan pointed out that it was unfortunate that the world has reached a situation today where religion is being politicised and treated as ‘vote banks’.

Dr Mar Yulios said he respected the religious vision of Indian Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda who preached that service to man was the most effective worship of God.

His Grace reminded the Indians in Bahrain that they were here as ‘bread winners’ for their families back home, while they are also helping in developing this nation. “Work for this country and genuinely love this country; remain grateful to its rulers and people for their tolerance and mutually help attain the ‘harmony,’ ” he added.

Dr Mar Yulios concluded his week-long visit to Bahrain on Friday. Daily Tribune is a leading English news daily with Soman Baby, a member of St Mary’s Indian Orthodox Cathedral, as it Managing Editor.

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  1. “Dr Mar Yulios said he respected the religious vision of Indian Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda who preached that service to man was the most effective worship of God.” That little word “respect” is key here. People talk about tolerance but that is passive at best, negative at worst. We must all respect each others’ faiths and ideas even if we do not agree with them. And after all, we all share the Golden Rule (introduced first I believe by Confucius) – love each other as ourselves – do to others as we would have done to us – etc. variously expressed in all the religions but all meaning the same thing. We share more between us all than many people seem to realise. We share a common spirituality.

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