Dubai St. Thomas OCYM Unit conducted Blood Donation Drive

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DUBAI: Dubai St. Thomas OCYM Unit had Celebrated the Independence Day of India with Blood Donation Drive

On August 17, Dubai OCYM unit marked the 66th independence day in a unique manner by conducting a blood donation drive on the church premises by joining hands with Latifa Hospital.

In the unit meeting that was held in the Church, the independence day function began with a prayer song and Bible reading. A slideshow was conducted on the heroes and the history of India’s freedom struggle.

Vicar, Fr. T. J. Johnson, then led the gathering unit in a pledge of allegiance to mother nation to renew a sense of national pride. In his presidential address, he exhorted the gathering not to take lightly the freedom which our founding fathers gained with a lot of struggle. He also praised the unit for holding the blood donation drive as part of the commitment to the society and the nation that they live in.

In his felicitation speech, the assistant vicar, Fr. Biju Daniel commented on the importance of freedom and how it should be highly prized while at the freedom movement. In spite of the problems and the plurality of religions, languages and cultures, India held together as a nation for the past 66 years, take great pride in being an Indian.

Thomas John, the clinical Pathologist took a highly informative class on blood donation and Hepatitis. Presenting the complex scientific facts in a very concise and engaging manner, he cleared many doubts church members had about blood donation, hepatitis and blood tests.

The joint secretary of the unit, Mrs. Jishi Binny, welcomed the gathering. Thomas.N.U. proposed vote of thanks.

Reported by Manoj Thomas

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