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Family Conference and Catholicate Centenary Extravaganza in UK

STAFFORDSHIRE: Family Conference 2012 UK will be one of the proudest moments for the Indian orthodox Christians in the Uk when they celebrate the Catholicate centenary year in a unique way and reaffirm their allegiance to his holiness Catholicos.

The family Conference will be held on the weekend 24 to 26th of August 2012 at Whitemoor Lakes Conference Centre, Staffordshire, UK. under the patronage of the Diocesan Metropoiltian, Dr.Mathews Mar Thimothios

The program named Archana –meaning Offering will include traditional and Contemporary Christian performing art propagating Christian themes and prayers to the accompaniment of traditional and modern music style and arrangements. The programs are indigenously developed and would include various adaptations from sacred Indian dance culture with Christian themes. The program will conclude with a grand Catholicate Centenary extravaganza. “It would be a splendid tribute to our fore fathers in this centenary year and would be rich in quality and diversity” said the Art and programme director Dr.Thomas Jacob (remmy). All the preparations are well under way with practice sessions for the celebrations and Choir progressing well at multiple sites.

We are all set to go, said Fr. M. K. Kuriakose, vicar of St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia, who is the keynote speaker. Fr. M. K. Kuriakose is leading a team of 8 vibrant speakers who are Fr. Mat Alexander. Miss. Mariam Ceena Varghese, Fr. Vijay Abraham, Mrs. Elizabeth Joy, Fr. Abraham Thomas. Very Rev.M.S.Skariah Ramban and Dr.Manoj Kurian(WCC).

Around 350 delegates are expected to attend the conference and the registration has already reached full house. As 2012 united the nation with the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics so do let this Family Conference 2012 unite the Indian Orthodox people of the UK across the generations.

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