Ahmedabad Diocese revises salary for priests, clears medical and petrol allowance

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AHMEDABAD: Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios presided over a meeting of the Annual General Assembly of Diocese of Ahmedabad which was held on August 2, Thursday at Diocesan HQ, St Mary’s School, Naroda. The meeting began at 11.10 am with a memorial prayer and obituary references to LL HG Paulose Mar Pachomios, Metropolitan of Mavelikara Diocese, who passed away after a brief illness in Kerala last week.

Fr V Daniel, Secretary Vaideeka Sangam, passed the condolence resolution on the departed metropolitan.

Dr Mar Yulios in his presidential address hailed the contributions of LL HG Pachomios and noted the role played by the late Metropolitan towards the Orthodox Church in general and Mavelikara Diocese in particular.

Fr P O Mathai, Fr Bejoy Varghese, Fr Philip Varghese, Advocate Mathai Mampallil also hailed Pachomios Thirumeni’s role towards the Church as a whole.

Earlier, Diocesan Secretary, Fr Jacob Mathew, welcomed the Assembly members present to the meeting.

Later, His Grace informed that Pitampur School and the land at Indore has been included under Ahmedabad Diocese.

The Assembly welcomed the decision of the Malankara Association regarding setting up of a Heritage Centre ‘Gandhi Smruthi’ near Gandhi Ashram. Rs 10 lakh has been allotted from the Diocesan Budget to support this project along with Rs 4 lakh from the Catholicate Centre.

The meeting also passed after discussion minutes of the previous General Assembly held on July 19, 2011 and February 17, 2012 which was presented by Fr Jacob Mathew, Diocesan Secretary.

The Assembly meeting also decided to revise salary with a yearly increment of 3 per cent from the Diocese and approved medical allowance of minimum Rs 10,000 and petrol allowance minimum Rs 2,000 for the priests from the respective parishes.

Fr Joji George, former Diocesan Secretary, presented the Annual Report 2011–12. The report was passed after a discussion. Annual receipts and payments account of Rs 1,27,68,401 was presented and passed after much discussion.

G M Panickar was appointed as the Hon Internal Auditor for 2012–13 and M/s Babubhai Patel & Co, Chartered Accountants appointed as External Auditors. Saji Abraham and Anil Thomas were nominated as Recording Secretaries.

Dr Mar Yulios also requested members of each parish to participate in the concluding celebrations of the Catholicate Centenary on November 25, 2012 at Marine Drive, Ernakulam.

Fr Joji George, Vicar, Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka, proposed the vote of thanks.

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