Fr Cyril Varghese; Student Chaplain for Bengaluru City

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BENGALURU: Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan, Bengaluru Diocese of the Indian Orthodox (Malankara) Church, has appointed a full time Student Chaplain priest, Fr Cyril Varghese for Bengaluru city. The appointment vide Kalpana No. 64/2012 dated June 17, 2012, is in tune with Dr Mar Seraphim’s recent report submitted to the Holy Episcopal Synod which suggested a roadmap to vision for the youth ministry.

As a new appointee, Fr Cyril will be responsible for organizing visits to professional colleges in and around Bengaluru city. He will also be responsible for organizing Orthodox students.

He will also conduct Holy Qurbana, prayer meetings and other spiritual meetings. This would however, depend on granting of permission from the college authorities. He also will prepare an index of students with details who are studying in Bengaluru city.

Dr Mar Serphim has in a Kalpana urged all parents of students studying in Bengaluru city to contact Fr Cyril and provide him with full particulars.
The Metropolitan has also requested all vicars of the Diocese to contact Fr Cyril, if their parish member is presently studying in Bengaluru.

Those interested can contact Fr Cyril Varghese at:
#1188, 2nd Floor, Nehru Road, Kammanahalli
St Thomas Town PO, Bengaluru — 560 084
Mobile contact: +91-966-301-7919
Email: [email protected]

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