Ahmedabad Diocese Council on July 20

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AHMEDABAD : The Ahmedabad Diocesan Council and the Ahmedabad Diocesan Assembly will hold its customary meetings on July 20, Friday and August 2, Thursday, under the Presidentship of Pulikkottil HG Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese.

The Diocesan Council members will initially meet on July 20 at the Diocesan HQ St Thomas Bishop’s House, St Mary’s School Campus, Naroda, Ahmedabad and thereafter the Assembly will hold its meeting.

The Council meeting will also prepare the initial groundwork for the general assembly meeting which meets after over a week on August 2. Major proposals which need to be taken up at the Assembly meeting will initially be discussed in detail at the Council meeting.

The elected members under the presidentship of Dr Mar Yulios is slated to discuss various matters of the Diocese like the educational and institutional developmental works and other important issues on the agenda. The members have also planned to visit spots in Ahmedabad and outskirts towards finding the right location for the proposed Diocesan headquarters.

Prior to this on July 18, the vicars of Ahmedabad Diocese will also be holding its joint meeting.

From Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka, senior member, Mathew Ninan, will attend the Diocesan Council and Assembly meetings in his capacity as an appointed member of the advisory committee for educational institutions.

Ahmedabad Diocesan Council (2012-2017) includes Fr Jacob Mathew as Diocesan Secretary. The other members are Fr Mathai P O (Baroda), Fr Philip Varghese (Jamnagar), Georgekutty M (Indore), Johney C George (Baroda), Mammen George (Muscat), and Thomas Varghese (Bhilwara).

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