Kidney Foundation of Bengaluru Diocese; a unique project of Malankara Orthodox Church

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# Holy Synod to tackle kidney ailments on a war footing as ‘mission’ of the church
# Orthodox dioceses urged to implement them in each parish as a ‘project’
# Kidney Foundation to work jointly with Daya Bhavan, Kunigal
# Parishes to conduct screening tests for its members through medical camps
# Priority for bread winners who cannot afford costly treatment

BENGALURU: The Bengaluru Diocese under the dynamic leadership of Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim has officially launched the Kidney Foundation of the Diocese. Kidney Foundation of Bengaluru Diocese will be implemented in a phased manner in close collaboration with Daya Bhavan, an initiative of Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Board.

Thus Bengaluru Diocese becomes the first diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church to launch this novel venture to help those with kidney related problems.

Considering the trauma and miseries caused due to kidney, the Holy Synod of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Syrian Church felt the need to tackle this issue as a ‘mission’ of the Church and directed the dioceses to implement them in each parish as a ‘project’.

The main objectives of the Foundation will be to create a public awareness of kidney disease and its prevention. It will also involve managing the patients with kidney ailments and tackle social issues surrounding the families of CKD patients. Its strategy will involve medical screening and categorization for identifying the potential CKD patients.

Bengaluru Diocese launched the new venture on June 12. The maiden meeting was also attended by priests, trustees, secretaries, medical doctors, nurses and para-medical personnel from the Bengaluru city. The meeting also decided to conduct awareness programmes about the disease among all the 12 parishes of the Diocese followed by medical camps.

The members also decided that each participating parish will be required to conduct screening tests for their members through medical camps or make arrangements with local hospitals.

The results from these medical tests will help provide the current statistics of the parish members. However, members whose financial resources are inadequate can approach the church for financial as well as medical assistance. The diocese may evaluate these requests based on established criteria including financial status, age to identify the deserving patients. Preference will be given to the sole breadwinners of the family, especially those in the age group of 30-40 years. After ascertaining about the group of patients, their mode of treatment and its financial implications are to be addressed.

The Kidney Foundation has formed two committees to work out its plans and programmes. These are the administrative committee, executive committee and an advisory council. The Executive Committee which will have the Metropolitan as the President. Others include the vice president, co-ordinator, treasurer, a representative from Daya Bhavan and others.

Another important group in the Foundation will be the role of the Parish Forum which will have a Core Committee to achieve the Foundations objectives with tenure of three years.

The Vicar of the parish will be the chairman and will elect a coordinator from among the members. It will also elect a Kidney Foundation Bangalore Diocese representative while others will be from MGOCSM, Youth League and St Mary’s League. The vicar can nominate three members who can work for the forum preferably from the medical field. Each parish will be treated as an “Autonomous Body” under the guidance of the Diocese.
After categorisation of the patient, the report will be submitted to the President through the Vicar with emphasis solely on the bread winners who cannot afford the treatment. Patients who cannot meet the expenses will be considered for subsidized treatment by the local parish.

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