‘Freshers’ Day’ for MGOCYM at St Mary’s Jalahalli

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BENGALURU: If you believed ‘Freshers’ Day’ was part of an activity in college, you could be sadly mistaken. Guys and gals from the MGOCSM and Youth Movement of the St Mary’s Orthodox Valiyapally followed this in true spirits.

On June 3, Sunday, they presented ‘Freshers’ Day’ at the St Mary’s Orthodox Valiyapally, Jalahalli.

The highlight of the event was getting Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan, Bengaluru Diocese, to launch their celebrations for 2012-13.

The freshers’ also got an opportunity to interact with the seniors and both mingled each other and exchanged ideas.

Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, gleefully presided over the ‘Freshers’ Day’ celebrations and launched their activities.
The Metropolitan who spoke on the occasion happily welcomed new members and urged them to do their best.

“The MGOCSM at the Valiyapally is a good model for other units. I request you to encourage each other to be part of the MGOCSM/Youth Movement,” Dr Mar Seraphim had said earlier.

Fr Alex Iype, Valiyapally Vicar and senior member, C G Mathew, also took part in the function.

The celebration was rounded off with a cultural programme by the members.
Pictures courtesy: Moncey Mathew

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