Dubai OCYM unit distributes “School Kits” in Idukki Diocese

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DUBAI: Dubai St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral OCYM unit is organizing the distribution of school kits to financially challenged students in the first week of June through various churches in Idukki diocese.

This project is being taken up in memory of the Metropolitan of the Idukki diocese. Augen Mar Dionysius. The kits will be distributed to more than 70 students in the first stage of the initiative.

It was while on a journey to distribute school supplies to students that Augen Mar Dionysius passed away in an unfortunate accident that took place on June 6, 2007. The arrangements for the project will be made in coordination with the OCYM units of the Idukki diocese.

Report by:John kutty, Secretary, OCYM Dubai Unit

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1 Response for “Dubai OCYM unit distributes “School Kits” in Idukki Diocese”

  1. Joe G. says:

    What a fantastic way to honor the memory of His Grace! His Grace is with God, but school kits reach the students and continue to do so. I’m humbled by reading this work done by Dubai Unit of OCYM. The work of the OCYM is commendable and may you all be blessed abundantly.

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