Malankara Orthodox Delegation at NCCI Conference

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BANGALORE: A team of delegates headed by Dr.Yakob Mar Iraneos, Geevarghese Mar Coorilos and 16 representatives from the Seminaries, MGOCSM, Youth League and Martha Mariam Samajam attends the 27th Quadrennial Assembly of the National Council of Churches in India began at Bangalore on April 25, 2012.

30 member Churches (representing Orthodox and Protestant traditions), 17 Regional Christian Councils, 17 All India Christian Organizations, 7 Related Agencies and 3 Autonomous Bodies attend the assembly. The assembly will conclude on April 28.

“The Gospel in a Groaning World” is the main theme of the assembly. Assembly activities include business sessions, workshops, plenary sessions based on the theme.

A strong participation of the youth of the Malankara Orthodox Church was seen at the NCCI Youth Pre-Assembly held at the Student Christian Movement of India Centre in Bangalore on April 21-23. The theme of the pre-assembly was ‚ÄúStanding for Gospel, Google and Green”.

Fr. Vineeth Koshy of the Indian Orthodox Church is currently the Youth General Secretary of the NCCI.

Reported by: Stanly DJ

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