St. John’s Church Orangeburg, NY hosts Volleyball Tornament

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NEW YORK: St. John’s Orthodox Church of Orangeburg, New York is hosting a one-day volleyball tournament on June 23, 2012. The game will start at 9:30am at St. Lawrence Community Center, located at 115 Torne Valley Road, Hillburn, NY, 10931. The players have to Check-in with their ID at 8:30am.

This Tournament will be an opportunity for the Churches of India to have a unity day – associated with the popular Keralite sport of volleyball, hopes the organizers. The profit from the tournament will be utilized towards charitable contributions and the renovation of St. John’s Church, said another.

The volleyball tournament format will be: 6 on 6, Co-Ed games, Round-Robin then top 10 teams play for elimination playoffs.

Trophies for 1st and 2nd Place Winners will be distributed at the end of the tournament.

“6 players are needed to be on the court during the game, teams are allowed up to 12 players. This tournament is intended for the South-Indian Church teams. IDs and church membership will be checked” the organizers informed.

$40 Per Player will be the SIGN UP FEE to participate in the tournament. Max 12 players per team could be registered.

For Further information, contact Blessen Abraham – [email protected] or visit for rules and regulations


Reported by: Mathew Kaduvettoor

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