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Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios makes scathing attack against Thomas I Bava

#Malankara Jacobite head agitating the minds of innocent people
#Media must play an important towards exposing injustice
#MOSC surprised by stand taken by the state government
#True believers left out and criminals gaining upper hand
#Court order must be implemented at the earliest

MUSCAT : The Kolencherry issue which was at its height in September last year had taken a worse turn with claims and counterclaims by both the groups. Even now, it looks like there is no solution in sight. As support to the hunger strike undertaken by the Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicos, many Diocese Metropolitans had come out openly against the Jacobite faction who had claimed their right to worship at the St Peters and Paul Church at Kolencherry.

Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios who spearheaded the campaign by holding many street rallies and made fiery public speeches, has once again denounced the stand of the Jacobite faction, its ‘so-called’ Catholicos H B Thomas I and his cronies.

In an interview with Malankara Orthodox TV (M.TV) during his visit to Muscat, Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios has come out openly against Thomas I Bava and has questioned the very position he holds as the head of the Jacobite group.

Says Dr Mar Yulios rather sarcastically. “Thomas I Bava is arguing not for the sake of the true believers and questions about the position of the Bava himself? There is only one true Catholicos in India, which is the Malankara Metropolitan. Thomas I is creating factionalism which is not based on truth and principles. Courts have already pointed out that there is only one Church which is the Malanakara Orthodox Syrian Church……”

Dr Mar Yulios points that Thomas I Bava was using the Antioch Patriarch for his own personal ends and was misleading the public. “He is clearly deviating away from churches and agitating innocent minds. It is not merely property dispute between the two churches at all…” he reasons.

“If Thomas I Bava is the true head, why cannot the Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch HH Ignatius Zakka I who is aged and ailing, make him as the supreme head,” asks Dr Mar Yulios.

The wrangling between the two main Christian factions in Kerala over places of worship and its many valuable real estate properties is very old. Despite several efforts at reconciliation between the two, nothing concrete has come out so far.

Venting his anger, the Metropolitan says ‘criminals and goons’ should not be dragged into the Holy Church issue. True believers are left out and criminals and thugs have a say in their affairs. He cites the case of an individual having at least 18 criminal cases who was actively dominating the scene during the height of crisis. The Orthodox faction has rightly claimed its authority over its ownership due to the High Court verdict which fell in its favour.

The silence of the state government is baffling on this vexed issue. The Metropolitan notes that there is a political agenda which is involved. Three key ministers of the UDF government had taken the initiative since September but no settlement has come out of the dialogue between the two parties.

“The Orthodox group has already requested for the ministerial committee report to be published. Let the people come to know the reality about what is happening. It is a waste of time. Media has an important role to play in this issue and they have to expose the injustice meted out to Malankara Orthodox Church,” His Grace reasons.