Family And Youth Conference 2012 Kicked Off in Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA: The ‘kick off’ of the ’2012 Family and Youth Conference of North East American Diocese’ took place at Philadelphia.

Metropolitan of the Diocese Zachariah Mar Nicholavos received the first registration from Chor-Episcopos Fr. C.J. Johnson. The function was held at the St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia on Saturday, April 14 at 4.00 pm.

Metropolitan Zachariah Mar Nicholavos presided over the meeting. “Family Conference needs to bring about a change in the concepts on conveying faith to the people and this shall be achieved by internalizing the changes that this century tenders”, said Metropolitan Mar Nicholavos. “I see a great worth in Family Conference. It is out greatest movement that helps lead the younger generation that is vulnerable to change, in the true faith of the Church”, added the Metropolitan.

Chor-Episcopos Fr. C.J. Johnson made the introductory speech. Abraham Joshua, the Conference Secretary, briefed on the details.

This year’s Conference is based on the theme ‘Witness of Orthodoxy in the 21st Century’ and the Conference is to take place from July 11 through 14 at Honor’s Haven Resort, Ellenville (1195 Arrowhead Rd, NY 1242). Learned theologian Elizabeth Joy, is the main speaker for this year.

Separate sessions are planned for adults, youth, and children. There will be arts and sports events as well as discussions after evening prayers for and by the participants. More than 600 participants from 51 parishes are taking part in the scheduled Conference.

Fr. M.K. Kuriakose, Paul Mathai, and Asha Thomas, last year’s Conference Coordinators were present at the function. Fr. Ninan T. Easo, Fr. Babu Varghese, Fr. Aju Mathews, Secretary of MGOCSM Fr. Vijay Abraham Thomas, Fr. Sujith Thomas, Lay Trustee of the Diocese Roy Ennasseril, Dr. Philip George, Raju M. Varghese, Thomas Paul, Jacob Philip, Yohannan Sankarathil, Rajan Padiyara, and Sam Kurissummoottil have also graced the occasion.

Those, who wish to participate shall register their names as early as possible.

For more details contact
Chor-Episcopos Fr. C.J. Johnson (718- 646 1933).
Abraham Joshua, Conference Secretary (410- 245- 6100)

Honor’s Haven Resort
Conference center video

Photo by: Appu

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