First Meeting of Sabha Managing Committee on March 28 at Kottayam

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KOTTAYAM: The new Malankara Sabha Managing Committee that has set in from March 7 on will meet for the first time on March 28 at 10 am at the Smrithi Auditorium of Pazhaya Seminary, Kottyam.

Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan will preside over the meeting.

The new Malankara Managing Committee has 129 elected members and 30 nominated members. It is the Malankara Managing committee that elects also the new Malankara Association Secretary for the coming five years.

Last date for withdrawing nominations was today and thus, it is final now that the contest will be between two candidates, namely,the current Malankara Association Secretary Dr. George Joseph and Adv. Biju Oommen Muringasseril of Niranam Diocese.

Post of the Malankara Association Secretary has a very influential stature in the administration of the Malankara Orthodox Church along with the Malankara Metropolitan. It is the Association Secretary, who prepares and presents the Annual Budget and Annual Accounts of the Church as well as the Executive Officer, who implements the decisions of the Malankara Managing Committee.

Earlier nominated members of the Managing Committee had no voting power. However, it changed from the last Malankara Association and therefore their votes can be decisive now.

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