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On 25th March, 2012, our Holy Church celebrates both the Annunciation celebration and the Catholicate Day together. Our Holy Forefathers who were biblical scholars consider the Holy Mother as the representative of the Church. May Her intercession and blessings be our strongholds.

The Catholicate Day donations are accepted from the members mainly for the humanitarian missions and related activities of the Church. Ours is a national Church grown to international level. Its strong pillars are each and every one of us by the Grace of God and by the mediation of Holy Mother. On this day, two things, apparently insignificant but truly great, take place—one, the Catholicate Fund and the other, prayers. On Thursday in the holy Lent, during the noon prayer, it is recited “As the many dew drops can make a river with inaccessibly powerful flow, the mass prayer of numerous hapless and hopeless people in a congregation can produce the desired results and Christ’s acceptance.” The prayer of every one who loves the Church is invaluable. Two more weeks are left for the Lent to end. Let us pray to Jesus with all earnestness. Let the conflicts and the rivalries in the Church come to a peaceful end. What the priest says at the end of the Service should not be forgotten, “Go in peace, and pray for me too.” St Paul requests Colossians “Pray, then, that I may speak as I should, in such a way as to make it clear.”(Colo: 4:4). Let us pray for the powerful move for the prosperity of the Church. Let us our heart-felt prayers be a strong plea before our merciful God.

It is recited in our Holy Prayers “the blessing produced from many is the most preciously loved. It has the force of getting all its requests daily sanctioned. Rain drops are individual and separate; however, when they meet together, they form a great river of fierce flow.” The Catholicate Day Fund is the donation gladly given by the poor and the elite of the Church. It has been used to meet the various needs of the Church. The prophet Malachi emphasizes in Ch:3 the relevance and importance of giving tithes. Therefore, nobody in our Church should keep aloof from lavishly and happily donating to this fund which will bring forth blessings in abundance.

Let us remind you once again “You must be as cautious as snakes and as gentle as doves.”(Matt 10:16). This verse is an important pointer we must notice when we live in this world of complex situations. St Paul advises us “ Be wise in the way you act towards those who are not believers, making good use of every opportunity you have.” (Colo: 4:5). All the members have to implement these verses in their words and deeds without fail. May God bless each and every one of us!

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  1. WE belong orthodox church -KAllissery Ummayattukara I remember one of the senior at church saying our church is theirs mentioning they well to do rich people identity is the church HE was school principal .I remember my father saying when the church was built nobody was rich & all families believers shared with Love understanding now what has happened.Regds

  2. joy says:


    thought provoking article.


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