Dr Mar Irenios To Complete Tenure As Chief Of Faith, Unity Mission Commission of NCCI

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MADURAI: The National Council of Churches in India through its Commission on Unity, Mission and Evangelism, the Centenary Celebration Committee and the Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary had organised a National Study Conference on “Grass Root Ecumenism in India Today” at the Rural Theological Institute of the Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary, Madurai from February 26-29, 2012. Forty-five people including representatives of different church traditions, mission organisations and theological students from all over India participated in this conference.

The recently held consultation prepared a report of a national study conference on grassroots ecumenism.

HG Dr Yakoob Mar Irenios, Metropolitan, Kochi Diocese, is presently the Chairperson of the Faith Unity Mission Commission of the NCCI.

On the concluding day of the conference, Dr Mar Irenios delivered the valedictory address.

It is of great importance that a Malankara Orthodox Metropolitan has been the Chairperson of the Faith, Unity and Mission Commission. Dr Mar Irenios has been the Chairperson since 2009. His Grace’s term of 4 years ends this April when the National Council of Churches Assembly is convened. The Metropolitan is also a member of its Executive Committee.

Representatives from Mar Thoma Church, CSI, CNI, Mennonite Brethren Church, Pentecostal, BCM, CBCNEI, PCI, GELC, ALC, NMSI, BSI, SCMI, ECI, Pentecostal Church, TELC, APCC, MCC and Kerala Christian Council of Churches participated in the conference.

Caption: HG Dr Yakoob Mar Irenios with participants at the national study conference in Madurai recently.

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