Vineyard, Muscat Maha Edavaka’s Parish Bulletin, Continues Its Successful Run

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MUSCAT: Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka’s quarterly parish bulletin, Vineyard, has completed a successful second year after its re-launch in Mary 2010.

The Vineyard provides for an overview of MGOME’s parish news and helps the children to upgrade their knowledge of the Bible and also brings to limelight the many hidden talents of its members.

In its recent January-March 2012 issue, Vineyard Committee convenor P K Koshy has expressed the sincere thanks and gratitude to Vicar & President, Rev Fr James Geevarghese, Rev Fr Binu John Thomas, Associate Vicar & Vice President and members of the managing committee for the cooperation and support towards bringing out the publication.

He has acknowledged the generous contribution of the sponsors and the role of the parishioners towards the growth of this venture and hoped the bulletin continues to be a milestone in the annals of the church.

The 15-member committee besides comprising of the managing committee members (Abraham Mathew, Cherian P Thomas and Joseph Varghese) also has Thomas Vergis as Chief Editor, George Kunjumon looking after Finance, Babu Varghese for layout/printing and the editorial team of Reji Philip, Baiju Babu John, Liju Cherian, Mary Varghese, Laly George and Jessy Koshy.

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