Convincing Win For George Muthoot But Fr Dr Konattu Fights It Out

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PATHANAMTHITTA:It was a virtual cake walk for veterans Fr Dr Johns Abraham Konattu and M G George Muthoot, but the priest trustee managed to wrest his seat with a clear struggle.

They however clearly romped home the winners for yet another 5 year term getting elected as Priest Trustee and Lay man Trustee. Both their tenure ends in 2017.

The win is especially sweeter for ‘Sir’ George Muthoot who virtually had no challenger to the post right from the start. He won convincingly with a huge margin. George Muthoot polled in 2,558 votes which was way ahead of the three other spots held by the contestants.

Fr Dr Johns Konattu had to strain every nerve to get past his candidature. Fr Dr M O John gave him a tough challenge. However, Fr Konattu’s rich experience and skills got past his rival with a mere margin of 50 votes.

George Muthoot is a well-known personality for the Malankara Orthodox community.

Last year, Forbes Asia Magazine termed him as the ‘Indian Billionaire’. They extensively featured him in an article titled George Muthoot’s Pot of Gold’

Despite several handicaps, he has shown how a well-knit association like the Malankara needs to be run.

Travelling widely throughout the country and the world where the Malankara community has its wide presence, George Muthoot and Fr Dr Konattu, have shown to the young and the old how their presence can benefit and help the community.

George Muthoot is a real asset. The bespectacled chairman of the Muthoot George Group presently heads the third generation of the Muthoot business clan.

This mechanical engineer oversees Muthoot’s strategy and expansion from Faridabad, near New Delhi, needs all the help of the layman community as he strives along with his team during his next term.

Here’s wishing Fr Dr Konattu and George Muthoot all the very best.

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4 Responses for “Convincing Win For George Muthoot But Fr Dr Konattu Fights It Out”

  1. Liju Cherian says:

    The report was filed when the first available results came out and the final figures came much later. Thanks for the corrections

  2. joy says:

    voting position is 1750 & 1550 and not 2750 & 2550 as stated above

  3. joy says:


    there is some factual mistake in your article. The vote polled by Fr.Dr.Johns Abraham is 2750 & Fr.Dr.M.O.John is 2550. The difference is 200 and not 50 as written by you.

    Good wishes for both the trustees.

  4. Grace. P says:

    Hearty congrgulations

    Fr Dr Johns Abraham Konattu and M G George Muthoot.

    May the LORD bless you two

    To navigate our church,

    Which is the Noah’s ark,

    In India and Kerala,

    In the turbulent waters,

    Of the present challenges!

    Just as the Lord blessed you two

    In the past five years.

    With prayers,
    Grace. P,

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