Dr. Mar Osthathios in Extreme Critical Condition at St. Gregorios Hospital, Parumala

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PARUMALA: Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios, the senior Metropolitan of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, is admitted at the St. Gregorios Hospital, Paruamala and IOH learned that his condition is extreme critical.

Both the kidneys of the Metropolitan have failed and therefore, the medical team tried to do dialysis on him. However, the attempts to perform dialysis were with no success. The Metropolitan was immediately moved to the ventilator for sustenance.

Learning the critical condition of the Metropolitan both the Catholicos Emeritus and the reigning Catholicos rushed to the Parumala Hospital to conduct Holy Unction (Kandila Service) upon Metropolitan Mar Osthathios.

Children of Dr. Mar Osthathios’ brothers Dr. K.M. Mathew and P.K. Joshua from Atlanta and Baltimore were expected to be at Parumala on Thursday morning and the service of ventilator was supposed to be until then a minimum, it is learned.

“Thousands of poor patients in this world have no access for dialysis and therefore, do not let me undergo dialysis”, pleaded Mar Osthathios earlier. The thousands and thousands of people, whom the great visionary had influenced through his persuasive preaching and remarkable life, promised their heartfelt prayers for their exemplary spiritual leader.

Metropolitans Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos of Niranam, Dr. Yuhanon Mar Theodoros of Kottrakkara-Punalur, Geevarghese Mar Ivanios of Kottayam, Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios of Thiruvananthapuram, Pualose Mar Pachomios of Mavelikkara, Dr. Mathews Mar Severios of Kandanadu West, Dr. Joshua Mar Nichodemus of Nilackal, Mathews Mar Theodosios of Idukki, and Dr. Abraham Mar Epiphanios of Sultan’s Battery are camping at Parumala for monitoring the situations closely.

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9 Responses for “Dr. Mar Osthathios in Extreme Critical Condition at St. Gregorios Hospital, Parumala”

  1. thirumeni is my all and i will pray for him

  2. jipson thomas says:

    A boon from Aboon
    Light missing in noon
    His creation was noon
    Why dark comes so soon……. :(

    due prayers for our thirumeni appachen

  3. Dear brothers and Sisters,
    I have never come across such a man of God ever in my life who has had so much profound faith, hope and love in God like Mar Osthathios thirumeni. He has proved himself to be a man of integrity and deep spirituality and that is reflected in each of his thought, word and deed. It is obvious that anyone who comes closer to him could easily sense and recognise the fact that each of his grace’s breath is saturated with the belief in the Holy Triune God. I hope many a close associate like me could vouch to this truth. I have always had felt in reality his physical presence to be the sacramental and spiritual presence of Christ, our Lord and that blissful experience has always brought to me the gracious divine power. This makes me visit his grace frequently. I have always had cherished his prayerful touch of blessing as a viaticum for my spiritual journey.
    Before my coming to Ireland, I wanted to get blessings from Osthathios thirumeni. So, I, along with my wife Cicy and our son Gregy went to see his grace at MTC Mavelikara. He received us with his genuine fatherly affection and granted us an audience. The memories of those moments still linger in my mind afresh. My son, Gregy, then was just 2 years old. His grace even in that brief meeting, found time to teach him a few lines of a song written by him. He, after giving some sweets, asked my son to share among ourselves. But he was, in his childish nature, found to be shy and reluctant. Thirumeni, then, sent us to the mess hall there for lunch after having blessed us. Soon after the lunch, we again went to see him in his room. This time, his grace wanted my son to share the segments of an orange with us, and he did it without any hesitation to the surprise of us all. His grace was seen talking to my son in the same “language of a child” by identifying himself fully with my son. His grace, finally, gave him some simple pieces of advice to be a good boy of prayer and sharing. This shows his grace’s quality of being a down to earth person. On our leaving his grace, I offered his grace a small amount of 300 rupees being our donation to a boy’s home. When I, in my weak and selfish human attitude, handed over it with the names of just three of us in mind, his grace received that offertory with totally different and glorified attitude. He translated that human thought and action of mine into a divine thought and action. I could, astonishingly, see his grace overtly counting the 3 notes of hundred that I gave by uttering audibly the prayer “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!” I could sense a shade of spirituality even in that simple segment of that episode of our meeting.
    I must acknowledge here with thanks that it was his grace who happened to be the source of inspiration for my starting a charitable organisation –the MERIN GEORGE FOUNDATION – following the demise of my little daughter in 2009 through which we are able, by the grace of the mighty God, to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy with our mite. I humbly and fervently do pray to God, who elongated the life of King Hezekiah, to extend the life span of our beloved thirumeni. May God’s will be done!
    In Christ,
    George Achen, Ireland.

  4. Thirumeni’s telent to speak to people’s hearts – in many ways – is one of the qualities that make him unique. I still remember the opening sentense of a small speech he gave at the concluding meeting of The Sunday School Teachers’ training camp at St Mary’s Church, Manarcad. When he started it was 3.55 PM, he said ” I will stop when it is 4 PM” he did and the applause was spontaneous. He visualised a unified Church. Like many other saints who could not witness that day he may be called home. Let us pray that God Almighty honour him with the Crown of Justice.

  5. Spiritual Mission = HG Geevarghese Mar Osthathios
    May Lord God show HIS Mercy on Thirumeni with more days to his life of this world….

  6. Roy Thomas says:

    Thirumeni is living source of Mission of our Church. After Pathros Mar Osthathios, it is our beloved HG Mar Osthathios who cared for the downtrodden in our society. Atrue, selfless, practising what preaches, this is Thirumeni to others. Anyone who converse with HG, whether that persone is a child, youth or senior citizen, will never forget his association with them. Thirumeni considered all sections of society with mutual respect irrespective of one’s affiliation, even Communists has no second thought about Osthathios Thirmeni in trating HG as a living Messaih of Humanity.

    Let us pray Almighty to give HG speedy recovery to health.Still I beleive God has a plan for HG.

    Prayers & Regards

  7. JOHN K RAJAN says:

    Mar Osthathious is a true bishop in all its sense, a protector who always protected the poor and needy, used the authority with him to help others, i honestly feel that we do not have such saints in our church now, I pray for his grace’s healthy recovery.

  8. jose thomas says:

    At rue spiritual leader who cares for the people and society he lived for others may god improve his health and wish a speedy recovery

    Jose Thomas

  9. A living saint of our church, a man who lived for others, truly a great shepherd , a visionary who envisioned mission beyond the borders, and my mahaaguru who instilled community awareness in young minds. I hope and pray for his comfort and happiness. His illness silences the moral and ethical consciousness of our community.

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