Milestone for Ahmedabad Diocese as Dr Mar Yulios declares Moti Khavdi congregation as a church

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MOTI KHAVDI, Jamnagar: It was a dream come true for the Orthodox faithful and certainly a New Year gift. Finally, all hassles have been completed and construction of a church has been agreed upon after procurement of a plot in Gujarat’s Moti Khavdi area. Construction of an Orthodox church in the Saurashtra region of Jamnagar took place exactly 50 years back. Moti Khavdi is on the village in Jamnagar district of Gujarat and located over 300 kms from the main city of Gandhinagar.

This is seen as a spectacular achievement under the dynamic and young Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, diocesan secretary Fr Joji George and present Moti Khavdi Vicar Fr Philip Varghese.

The church will serve as a beacon to the Orthodox community and value since its proximity to Reliance Refinery (RIL), the largest refinery in world.
The plot is adjacent to six lanes of state highway and well connected with road from all three sides. As Reliance further expands business and executes new projects, the area will thread on a progressive path.

Dr Mar Yulios also celebrated the Holy Eucharist for the Moti Khavdi congregation and led a general body meeting. The meeting also unanimously agreed to procure the land and requested the Metropolitan to help provide the required funds. Dr Mar Yulios readily agreed to aid them financially. It was also decided in the diocesan council meeting that half of the funds will need to be given back to the diocese after collecting them from the congregation members. The Diocese Metropolitan has thus declared Moti Khavdi congregation as a church with immediate effect.

Based on the above agreement, Fr Joji George, Diocesan Secretary, P D Baby, Office Secretary and council member Adv Mathai Mampallil visited Moti Khavdi and inspected the land. After verification and checking of all documents by a local advocate, the committee evinced interest and agreed to procure the land. Registration was completed on the same day at Jamnagar court and the realty owner was compensated.

As per the wish of Dr Mar Yulios, the church members decided to collect the required money to construct a church building at the earliest. The Metropolitan heartily congratulated the congregation and committee members on this achievement.

Tracing the beginning, growth of Mothikhavadi congregation and achievements with a span of a year, the congregation was launched with the maiden visit of Dr Mar Yulios along with Vicar Fr Benjamin Thomas and Fr George Varghese to Jamnagar and Moti Khavdi in December 2010.

As per the guidance and instruction of the Metropolitan, Vicar Fr Philip Varghese took initiative to acquire suitable land to build a church in the nearby area of Moti Khavdi. Due to his persistent efforts, a piece of land approximately over 4,000 sq feet was purchased in the month of November 2011. Earlier, Holy Eucharist’s were held at the St Thomas Catholic Church, Moti Khavdi. The Metropolitan inspected the plot during his second visit to Jamnagar and expressed his deep interest to procure them.

The members also wished success and continuous growth for the Ahmedabad Diocese under the dynamic leadership of Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios.

News sent by Fr Philip Varghese,

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