Antiochian Syriac Orthodox Primate writes to the Catholicose

on Jan 14th, 2012 and filed under Columns, Opinions.

Antiochian Syriac Orthodox Primate Mor Severius Moses writes to His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, regding the recent decisions taken at their Holy Synod

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10 Responses for “Antiochian Syriac Orthodox Primate writes to the Catholicose”

  1. tewodros says:

    May the grace of Almighty God multiplied upon you all!

    I am Tewodros Gebremariam Reda, a graduate of Holy Trinity Theological
    College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo
    Church, E.O.T.C., Theological College. I was graduated from this Same
    Theological College in 12June2010 attaining a prime position from all
    graduates of 2010 with cumulative G.P.A of 3.88.And worked for EOTC
    library Museum as a principal guide from 8July2010 up to 29
    June2011.And presently pursuing my B.A for the second time in Addis
    Ababa University in Sociology Department.
    Could U please help me recommend me to Ethiopian Orthodox Church
    members or Coptic Orthodox Church , or any other sister Oreintal
    Orthodox Church member, in your country & give my email
    address to any of them ( have attached my documents for you to help me
    forwarding my documents to whom U know in Ur city that is a member of
    EOTC., Ethiopian Orthodox Church member or Coptic Orthodox Church
    member , or any of Sister Oriental Orthodox Church member,.I am unable
    to take SAT, TOEFL
    or ACT due to lack of fund or sponsor.I don’t have fund at all by my
    self to cover my expenses. the fee for one of these exams can be paid
    in your city through my personal information but I do not have a claim
    to send the fee directly to me which is a sign of cheating. I kindly
    need your advice if you have any other option to pursue my studies
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    service with your volunteer assistance in your Church or any kind of
    activity.And then I may be able to support my self financially to
    commence my study in the near futute, be it in Sept.20123.My G.P.A is
    3.88 in Theology & I stood
    first from all graduate of 2010 of my previous Theological College,
    Holy Trinity Theological College.I have contacted 7000 emails in
    search of scholarship but I didn’t get any hope . Besides , I have
    contacted EDU USA in my country, Ethiopia, but informed that they
    don’t offer financial aid on individual basis.What I can only do is to
    engage my self in any religious service/career , as a deacon , or any
    job to cover my
    expenses in my study period but no fund or sponsor by my self.I have
    graduated in Theology at B.A level & worked for EOTC library Museum
    from 8July2010 -29June2011 as a principal guide as it is recorded in
    my document I have attached to this email.Besides, I have studied
    Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church ( EOTC)traditional education &
    served the Church from 1994 up to 2006 . I am able to read write &
    translate geez language manuscripts or texts .And the same language is
    known for being ancient Ethiopian language & medium of EOTC service of
    the past & present time.Varied books of liturgical , social &
    cultural contexts are written by this ancient language, Geez.I have
    served EOTC as a deacon in rural parish churches in my study period
    of traditional education. I did my Senior essay in my previous
    Theological study on the difference between Miaphysitism &
    Monophysitism & I have striven my best to show that EOTC & other
    sister Oriental Orthodox Churches are wrongly nicknamed as
    Monophysites. Besides, I have displayed that Jesus Christ, Incarnated
    God the Son, is not one nature of only Divine nature but One united
    nature from Divine & human nature with out separation, division &
    Confusion as Monopysites claim. .
    I need your advice on how to apply for
    scholarship & choose any M.A program taught in English for I may not
    qualify for your M.A program if I submit my field of interest in
    advance to you. since my B.A is in Theology even if my G.P.A is 3.88.I
    strongly need to commence my study in the near future in 2012, ASAP.

    They can examine my documents & realize that I am a deacon of EOTC.

    Thanks in advance in the name of Almighty God & His Mother St. Virgin
    Mary for your kindly assistance voluntarily.

    yours in Christ, Our Lord, & St. Mary

    May God bless U & all Ur family.

    Tewodros Gebremariam Reda

  2. Dear All,
    The decision to consecrate Moosa Gurgan as Bishop by three metropolitans of malankara orthodox church and its ratification by Synod are the most unethical thing took place in church in recent past.
    Its once again proved that may malankara orthodox church has fallen from chruch to a ‘mere organisation’.

    However , all actions have BOOMERANGED on us and we have started paying price for the foolish action happened in malankara orthodox church.

    Almighty GOD is watching over us.

    Mathew Chacko

  3. Mr. Kuttikandathil,

    Thank you for your comments. However, please note that it was Mr. Manu P. Mathew , who did drag the 1934 constitution in this matter.

    Also, I am well aware of the fact that the ordination of Mor Severius Gurgan is no way connected with the 1934 constitution of Malankara Othodox Church.

  4. Mr.Manu, Mr. Panicker, please try to understand that the 1934 constitution of the church is meant for the matters of the Malankara church only whether it is of the election/ordination of bishops or any other things.
    2. Here the extra ordinary ordination which took place was not for Malankara church and the foreigners were not members of Malanakara church .So do not drag the 1934 constitution un necessarily in this matter.
    3. Even though the bishops named by Mr.Panicker was not elected as per the constitution of the church,they accepted the constitution as per the verdict of the supreme court which was a condition to enjoy the status co and the Malankara Association accepted them and they were allotted dioceses by the managing committee/synod.

  5. Mr. Manu P. Mathew/Mr John K. Rajan

    I am sorry for the delay in responding, as my right hand was hurt in an accident.

    1) The ordination of Mor Severius Gurgan as Metropolitan of Antiochian Syrian Orthodox Church (a faction presently based at Germany and opposed to the Patriarch of Antioch) by two Metropolitans (Mar Athanasius & Mar Militius) of Malankara Orthodox Church was neither as per the 1934 constitution of the Church, nor according to the Supreme Court verdict of 1995. However, at a later date, the above ordination has received the acceptance and approval of the Holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara Orthodox Church!

    2) Likewise, are the 3 Metropolitans belonging to the Jacobite faction (Mar Athanasius, Mar Militius and Mar Nicholovos) who later on joined the Malankara Orthodox Church , were selected and ordained as per the 1934 Malankara Orthodox Church constitution?

    So, in a nutshell, we can see that everything on earth is not run as per the constitution of a Church or a Country and of course, there are always exceptions to rules!

  6. JOHN K RAJAN says:

    Is this church different from Patriarichal faction , are they relevant in kerala ?

  7. Please read 1934 constitution of church.and 1995 verdit statment.

  8. @ Mr. Rakad John,

    1) What I suggested here above was that the Holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara Orthodox Church should think upon consecrating Mor Severius Moses, as the Patriarch of Antiochian Orthodox Church, a division of Syrian Orthodox Church presently based at Germany and opposed to the present Patriarch of Antioch, Zakka I.

    2) This will enable Mor Severius Moses to become a rival to the present Patriarch of Antioch. This action of Malankara Orthodox Church will be in line with what the Patriarch of Antioch has done to Malankara Church, by way of consecrating a rival Catholicose, so as to create a division in the church.

    3) However, my suggestion as above, does not mean that Mor Severius Moses become the spiritual head of Malankara Orthodox Church and he can only lead his Antiochian Church !

  9. Rakad John says:

    Oommen are you suggesting that he bocome our spirutual head. This will be something in the line of 147 churches from Ankamali only having 107 association members.

  10. It is yet not clear, as to what action H.H. the Catholicose Paulose II will take, based on the letter of Antiochian Syriac Orthodox Primate, Mor Severius Moses.

    Any way, one thing is very clear that his consecration as a Metropolitan and his present position as the primate of Antiochian Syriac Orthodox Church, were accepted and approved by the Holy. Synod of Malankara Orthodox Church; although some misunderstandings happened with him later on.

    In view of the present division and all the turmoils created in Malankara Orthodox Church by the past and present Patriarchs of Antioch,
    I am of the opinion that the Holy Synod of Malankara Orthodox Church, should now think upon consecrating Mor Severius Moses as the Patriarch of Antiochian Orthodox Church!

    This will be in line with what the Patriarch of Antioch has done to Malankara Orthodox Church, by way of consecrating a rival Catholicose at Malankara and they should bear the fruits for their wrong action!

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