M. P. Samadani, the guest of honour at ocym meeting to mark 40th national day of the UAE

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DUBAI: M. P. Abdussamad Samadani, was the guest of honour at the OCYM meeting to commemorate the 40th UAE National Day and to express solidarity with the movement in Kerala regarding the Mullaperiyar Dam on Dec.2, 2011.

A noted politician, Muslim scholar, orator, and a two-time member of Rajya Sabha, Mr. Samadani is now a Member of Legislative Assembly of Kerala. He is elected from Kottakkal, in Malappuram district. Quoting copiously from sources as varied as poet Iqbal’s Sare Jahan Se Acha and from the German philosopher Immanuel Kant’s view that respect for our fellow man is the basis of all religions, in his hour long speech, Mr. Samadhani emphasized the common heritage that all Indians have and the deep rooted ties between the UAE and India that have lasted over the centuries.

Samadani also talked about his longstanding ties with Christian leaders and with the orthodox church in particular. Values are essentially the same across different countries and different cultures with very slight variations depending on the location. All religious leaders including Christ and Prophet Mohammed have emphasized how important it is to treat our neighbor as we treat ourselves. Though religions are not one, they have a common language; that of love and respect for one’s fellow being and we should bear this in mind when it comes to the Mullaperiyar issue.

With the passage of years, man’s spiritual selves have become less visible with our carnal and more violent aspects coming to the fore. Mr. Samadani exhorted the audience to reawaken their spiritual selves and to return to their roots and to pass on the love for our very unique culture, language and heritage to the coming generation. He felt that both the Tamil Nadu and Kerala governments instead of politicizing the issue on a regional or party basis should keep the interests of the people at heart to reach an amicable settlement that would benefit everyone. It would be a crying shame to the federal system of government of India if a peaceful resolution of the Mullaperiyar issue cannot be brought about. In spite of small issues that have reared their heads on various occasions, India is known for its plurality and the peaceful coexistence of different communities, religions and cultures and we should all strive to maintain and develop this reputation.

Addressing the give and take relationship that has existed between the UAE and India for centuries, Mr Samadani talked about how Indians have contributed to the growth of the UAE as a nation right from its inception while the UAE has provided and continues to provide a livelihood for millions of Malayalees right from labourers to craftsmen to doctors, nurses, lawyers and teachers. He encouraged the members of the audience to remember that while we live in a foreign country, we are the ambassadors of our country here and should bring credit to our nation through our behavior and our work culture in the UAE.

After Mr. Samadani’s rousing speech, two resolutions were passed by the members of the OCYM; one presented by the secretary Reju. S. John pledging our commitment and support to the residents, citizens and the rulers of the UAE on the occasion of the 40th UAE National Day and one on the Mullaperiyar issue presented by the treasurer of the OCYM, Johnykutty Idiculla vowing support to the citizens of Kerala and the Kerala government and seeking a peaceful resolution of the Mullaperiyar issue.

The meeting concluded with a rendition of the national anthem.

News sent in: Manoj Thomas

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