Clergy meeting of the Diocese of Brahmavar was held on December 5

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MANGALORE: 4th Clergy Meeting of the Diocese of Brahmavar was held on December 5, 2011 at the Diocesan Aramana, Mangalore. The Diocesan Metropolitan Yakob Mar Elias presided over the meeting.

Around, 20 priests from all over the Diocese attended the clergy meet. The Metropolitan took a class on “Good and Wicked Shepherds”.

The Newly Introduced ‘Identity Cards’ for Priests were distributed to all of the clergy at the meet. Election for various posts was held. General Issues and Concerns of the diocese were also discussed.

Dates for various Diocesan programs were also decided. The meeting ended with a General Photo Session.

In the Afternoon, the Diocesan Council Meeting was held.

News sent in: Fr. Abraham Kuriakose

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2 Responses for “Clergy meeting of the Diocese of Brahmavar was held on December 5”

  1. This is to announce (in you columns, if you wish) that we are keeping the death anniversary of Fr. Alfred Roche on 31st December 2014 at Holy Family Church Brahmavar. There will be a mass at 8 am. and thereafter a visit to his tomb. Hope many people will participate in this event.
    Thanking you once again

    I am sure you all must have known the good deeds of Fr. Alfred.

  2. Baboi George says:

    A Thirumeni accessible to common people and interested in their turbulent life may not find favours easily; not many Thirumenies can relate to youngsters born and brought up outside Kerala can understand each other. May Lord Almighty guide and show the leadership style of Mar Elias Thirumeni be an example for others in this mordern day. Innovative ideas to capture the hearts and mind of people to take our church forward is the legacy we will leave behind for the next generation in all over the world. God Bless

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