St Stephens Church Convention in Salalah from Nov 7

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SALALAH : Dr Zachariah Mar Aprem, Metropolitan of Adoor-Kadampanaadu Diocese will be the main speaker for the 5-day convention from November 7 to 11, 2011 at St Stephens Church, Salalah.

The event will also celebrate the 109th birthday celebrations of St Gregorios of Parumala and the 4th Dukhrono of Late Lamented Dr Stephanos Mar Theodosius.

The program schedule for November 7 to 9, 2011:

Nov 7, 10 am: Arrival in Salalah from Muscat
7 pm: Evening Prayers
7.30 pm: Singing by choir group
8 pm: Vajana Shishrusa by Dr Mar Aprem

Nov, 10 (Thu) 7.30 pm: Evening Prayers
8pm: Remembrance speech on St Gregorios by HG Dr Mar Aprem

Nov 11, (Fri) 8 am: Morning Prayers
8.30 am: Holy Qurbana by Dr Mar Aprem
Pradeekshanam, Neercha Vellambu

Nov 12: Dr Mar Aprem back to Kerala from Salalah International Airport

For details contact: Fr Issac Thomas, Vicar, GSM: +968-99581774
Varghese Mathew, Trustee or Jacob Mathew, Secretary.
Contact No: +968-23235825

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