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Ahmedabad Diocese celebrates Diocese Day on Oct 30, Kudosh Etho feast
Stress on canonical prayers, Holy Communions, sermons
Share one day’s income as tithe to the diocese
Visited all parishes, families last year
Prayers on to buy suitable land for Diocesan Centre
Urges seriousness towards spiritual life

AHMEDABAD : The Ahmedabad Diocese will be completing one more Liturgical Year to its ministry and witness on October 30. It is time to celebrate again, the Ecclesiastical New Year, called the Feast of Kudosh Etho or Sanctification of the Church.

Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Metropolitan Ahmedabad Diocese, in a Kalpana No 80/11 dated October 17, 2011 says that since 2010, as per decisions of the Diocesan Council and Assembly, it has been decided to celebrate Diocesan Day every year along with the advent of the ‘Ecclesiastical New Year’, or the Feast of Kudosh Etho.

The Metropolitan notes that with earnest and prayerful support, the Diocese has crossed several milestones in the outgoing year and are planning forward towards many more things for the coming year.

The ministries will cater to the spiritual nourishment of the faithful and serve fellow human beings. So far, His Grace has visited all parishes and families during the last year. The Diocese has been blessed which enabled them to buy property at Abu Road, Rajasthan and Moti Khavdi, Gujarat, to build parish centers for the newly constituted congregations. Also, the process is on towards purchasing an ideal land to develop the Diocesan Centre.

While ardently requesting all to pray for the diocese, Dr Mar Yulios, has highlighted a 4-point principle for spiritual life to be followed (see Kalpana)

Firstly, it pertains to observing five canonical fasts which will keep us away from temptations and to be punctual and earnest in our daily canonical prayers at home

Secondly, it deals with Holy Communion and completion of canonical prayers, fasting and true repentance is the basic requirements for receiving Holy Communion

Thirdly, there is no need for any extra payers after the liturgy and special intercessory prayers apart from the Qukkilions should be discouraged

Lastly, priests should take sermons seriously and should equip the faithful with good enthusiastic liturgical sermons.

Dr Mar Yulios has urged the spiritual children to share with the Diocese, a one-day’s income and donate a part of the tithe to the diocesan day collection. From this year, the Council members and the diocesan secretary will pay a visit to each of the regional centres to receive the collections from January 2012.

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