Ahmedabad, Bengaluru Dioceses extend support to HH Catholicose

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KOLENCHERY: The Dioceses of Ahmedabad and Bengaluru have extended their whole-hearted support to the fast undertaken by Catholicose of the East, HH Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulos II at Kolenchery.

Tension has been prevailing in Kolencherry since Catholicos Baelious Mar Thoma Paulose II, who heads the Orthodox faction went on an indefinite fast since Sunday evening, demanding execution of the court order which allows the faction to have the ownership of the two churches.

Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios and Advocate Mathai Mampallil representing Ahmedabad Diocese and Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim and Fr John Peter representing Bengaluru Diocese garlanded the Catholicose and expressed their solidarity with the Catholicos.

All the parishes in both the dioceses of Ahmedabad and Bengaluru held seperate meetings after the Holy Eucharist on Wednesday and expressed their support to the fast-strike.

Both Dr Mar Yulios and Dr Mar Seraphim are camping at Kolenchery Church and have requested their respective faithful members to rush to the spot at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Dr Mar Seraphim will not be available for the one-day conference of OCYM & MGOCSM of Bengaluru Diocese on September 17 due to the prevailing crisis. Dr Yuhanon Mar Demetrius, Assistant Metropolitan, Delhi Diocese, will lead the conference in the absence of Dr Mar Seraphim.

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8 Responses for “Ahmedabad, Bengaluru Dioceses extend support to HH Catholicose”

  1. Manoj J says:

    This is a failure of democratic principals. The basics ingredients in any democracy is Legislation, Justice and Enforcement. When any of them tries to do other branch’s duty or take over any responsibilities, it become a defaulted error. This becomes a failure in democracy. This currant situation should have been addressed long ago when primary judgements were made. There were laws written by legislative branch. Justice branch was needed to execute the laws. Once Justice dept applied them and made a decision, Decision has to be executed by the enforcement branch. There is no confusion in this. Execute the order and let democracy prevail. As with any disputes.. there are two sides. Justice branch solved this dispute. This is not a “kangaroo court”. There is no “final”decision for a court decision made.

  2. Joe G. says:

    Brother Abraham – No worries and may God Bless You. Dear Brother Reni – I don’t think the notion of pacifism is part of it. As I’m sure you know, Gandhi well noted in his writings, pacifism is akin to giving in or complete and utter submission. As a matter of fact, I like how he defined pacifism, as it appears to be more a weaker quality – at least in the context of any kind of confrontational power struggle such as Independence movement from British imperialism. If we were in a situation of power struggle, pacifism would come in to play and yes, I would agree pacifism is not the answer. Let us remember, the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is not at war nor are we under subjugation by any other elements nor should it be. This is what I mean when I originally stated that those who are comparing this to imperialist incidents are foolish. When people say so, it shows they are hardened in their hearts and they choose to perpetuate the status quo if not a far worse option. We are in a public disagreement with our own brothers and sisters. I just feel both sides should stop playing the “one-up” game and start to seriously think about the future of our church. Too many people confuse Christian love for “pacifism”. It is peaceful, it is kind, and pure. What really is wrong with Jacobite and Orthodox coming together in peace?

  3. Abraham (Old) says:

    @ Joe G

    Sorry, for mistaken identity. Apologies

  4. Reni Daniel says:

    When Anna Hazare led a struggle against corruption by undertaking a fasting, it received universal attention. One letter by an American atracted my special attention. He wrote: “This is amazing…we live in a nation wher our politicians do not even cross a road”

    I do not know about politicians of America. When everything is fine with our church and our rights, we can talk pacifism.

  5. Joe G. says:

    Dear brother Abraham (Old) You have clearly mistaken me for someone else. I’ve never once, nor ever have ridiculed the Orthodox church in any forum. I can honestly say that because it would be an affront to my family and my values. My position has and always will be that both Orthodox and Jacobite factions should resolve this issue amicably, peacefully, and through the Path of Christ, and I sincerely believe if it started from the top levels of church leadership, Christian love and fraternity wouldn’t trickle down but rather avalanche throughout the believers. Perhaps, I’m idealistic and wishful in in the sense I hope for complete unity as it would stand as the truest testament to what we are taught in the Gospel of Christ. I’d like to think it is possible. May God have mercy on us all.

  6. Reni Daniel says:


    We are well aware of the intention of the peope who preach pacifism here.

    Court has given a clear veridict in favour of the Orthodox church. The Jacobites too admitted it when they said they would not respect the Court’s order. The only option before the Church was a protest and Bava Thirumeni took the lead and we all supported his decision wholeheartedly. So finally the Govt made its stand clear.

    many thoughtthat Orhtodox Church would withdraw the movemnt emptihanded and they were all disapointed.

    Christ expelled the traders from the temple and he cleased the place.
    (Read Matthew 21 and John 2.)

  7. Abraham (Old) says:

    @ Joe G

    You did post various pro-Jacobite posts ridiculing the Orthodox church. We are happy to see that you did suddenly ‘grow up’, to realize christian virtues.

    Have you or any Jacobite’s, shed an ounce of criticism, on your Jacobite leadership, anytime, anywhere ? (Haven’t seen any on SOCM Forum).
    Haven’t seen that anytime, when the Orthodox members are harassed in EKM district.

    It would be wise, to remember the ‘speck -eye’ story before criticizing others.

  8. Joe G. says:

    Those comparing this to the freedom struggle against the British, Portuguese, and other imperialist forces are fools and are disrespecting the honor of every saint in the Malankara Syrian Church. When will all these so-called believers “grow up” and realize the unnecessary conflict can be resolved if they actually follow the practices of Christ?!?!?!?!

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