Sunday School teachers to incorporate modern teaching techniques

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Sunday School teachers to incorporate modern teaching techniques
Students vow to fast on Fridays, pray regularly

HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad Region of Sunday School organised a one-day conference for students and teachers on September 10 at St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral, Hyderabad. This was held as part of the 3-day ‘Logos 2011’- Hyderabad Central Convention.

About 80 students and 30 teachers attended.

The conference was led by Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan of Bengaluru Diocese. At the conclusion of the conference, the students decided to fast on Fridays, start morning prayers at home and senior students ready to complete reading four gospels before December 31, 2011.

The conference started with an ice breaking session lead by Dr Mar Seraphim. The Metropolitan encouraged the students to make friends among other Sunday Schools, and strengthen the fellowship among the four parishes in the city.

Mar Seraphim also lead an interactive session with the teachers and parents. His Grace asked the teachers to incorporate modern techniques of teaching into the Sunday school.

Further sessions were lead by Fr Zachariah Ninan of Njaliakuzhy Dayara, Kottayam and Dn Bijoy, final year student of Nagpur seminary. Music sessions were lead by the choir group of the St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral.

The conference was also attended by the vicars of the fours parishes in the twin cities and parents of Sunday School Students.

On September 10 noon, the Orthodox Hi-Tech Fellowship meeting was held and about 25 youths participated. They decided to start Holy Eucharist on every other Sunday evenings at a rented place near Hi-Tech city.

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1 Response for “Sunday School teachers to incorporate modern teaching techniques”

  1. Reni Daniel says:

    I appreciate thsi decision of Hyderabad region.

    may I also point out oenmore imprtant matter. Our Sunday school text books are beyong the standard and comprehensive capacity of children at that age. teh English trnslation of these textbooks look even worse.

    Textbooks stil remain teh most imprtant tool for our Sunday School.

    Therefore, I request an organsed effort is needed to improve teh English translation of our Sunday School textbooks

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