Two more churches in United Kingdom purchased properties

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LONDON: Two more churches in United Kingdom, St.Thomas’s, London and St. Mary’s, Bristol had purchased their own church properties recently.

Until July 2011, the Diocese of UK-Europe had only only one church owned by Malankara Orthodox Church (St. Gregorios Church, Brockley, London). The eminent leadership of the Metropolitan, Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios along with the dedication and hard work of the respective Vicars and members of these churches made these dreams come true. Metropolitan is at present in the UK for his pastoral visit and has visited both these sites.

On August 24, 2011, at a simple function organised at the new church property of St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, London the Vicar, Fr. George Joy along with the secretary and treasurer did the symbolic gesture of handing over the keys of the new church property to the Metropolitan Mar Themothios. In his address, the Metropolitan urged the parish members to make a concious effort to contribute further towards the church development fund.

Metropolitan also depicted the beautiful story of Jacob, who randomly selected a stone and used it as a pllow to sleep. He then had the dream of a ladder resting on the earth and reaching up into the Heaven and he saw Angels of God going up and coming down the ladder. Then Jacob saw the Lord standing above the ladder, who blessed him and his generations with the land where he was sleeping. When he woke from his sleep Jacob said “Surely Lord is in this place, but I did not know it.”Jacob placed the stone on its end he made it a pillar. This pillar then became the cornerstone for Bethel- the House of the Lord. Dr. Mar Themothios encouraged everyone to have this dream of Jacob and keep the new church in our daily prayers.

The Metropolitan also gave his vision of having more chuches owned by his people in the UK which should be followed by the establishment of a Diocesan Centre in the UK.

The new church property of St. Thomas’s Indian Orthodox Church is located in St. Agnell’s Lane, Cupid Green, Hemel Hemstead HP2 7AY. It is located towards the North of London, 3 miles from M1 Motorway Junction 8a and 6 miles from the Junction 21 of M 25 Motorway . Further development works are planned for the existing church building and the hall which is about to start in a few weeks time. Consecretation is planned for next year.

News Sent in: Dr. Sen Kallumpuram

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