Website for St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando Launched

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LONGWOOD, FLORIDA: The newly designed website for the St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando was launched on Sunday, August 21, after Holy Qurbana.

Vicar, Fr. Dr. Jacob Mathew, clicked the mouse in the presence of the whole congregation to declare the website launched.

Jagan Rajan designed the website, whereby the managing committee and many members of the parish contributed with ideas and suggestions to improve the website during its testing.

“This website is a long cherished dream coming true for the St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando. The many attempts to get this done are herewith reaching the goal and all, who have toiled therefore may receive blessings and rewards from above in abundance”, said Fr. Jacob in his speech. He also thanked everyone, especially Jagan Rajan for the hard work and percevearance in getting the task successfully done.

Jagan Rajan explained various menus of the website to the congregation. He called for articles and writeups from members to enflush the website. He also requested for positive criticisms and suggestions to improve the quality of the website.

There are options for viewers to register themselves in the website and members of St. Paul’s Orthodox Church have special registration available. In future, payment of all dues to the Church are also planned through the website using credit or debit cards.

Important links pertaining to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, the Diocese of South West America, under which the St. Paul’s Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando falls, and Orthodox Seminaries are embedded in the website. Important news portals of the Church like IOH and Orthodox Radio are also available through the newly launched website.

There is a possibility for blogging as well in the website. Prayer requests, daily bible readings and lectionary, recent events and calendar etc. are other important features therein.


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