St Mary is perfect icon of freedom to entire humanity: Dr Mar Yulios

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St Mary is perfect icon of freedom to entire humanity: Dr Mar Yulios
Completes an eventful year as Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan

AHMEDABAD : Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios Metropolitan of Ahmedabad Diocese has emphasized that St Mary was the perfect symbol and icon of freedom to entire humanity, because she donned herself to be the form, from which God became human and took His birth.

In remarks during the end of the Soonoyo feast, the feast of the departure of St Mary, the Mother of God, the Metropolitan calls upon all to take refuge in Her worthy prayers and intercession as well as thank God, for He gave us all an eternal mother in St Mary and blessed be her name forever!

In a Kalpana No 58/2011, released from Sophia Centre, Kottayam, Dr Mar Yulios recounts on this great Feast, it is a year after the Church entrusted His Grace with the charge of being the chief-shepherd of the Diocese of Ahmedabad.

“At this juncture let me appreciate the full commitment of our priests, loyalty of the Diocesan Secretary, Council and Assembly members and total dedication of all our faithful towards the sustaining growth of our Diocese. We have witnessed this fact, when we visited all our parishes during the last year. May God bless you and let us carry on this good work for the better furtherance of the Kingdom of God.”

During the same period, the Almighty also permitted us to conduct our Enthronement Ceremony and a grand reception to His Holiness and Church dignitaries during the past year, the Kalpana notes.

The Diocese in a landmark also bought a piece of land in Mount Abu (Rajasthan) which has been declared the Ahmedabad Diocese’s first congregation, to build a centre for worship and to serve the community in the hill station. Future plans include the process to purchase an appropriate piece of land for the further development of the Diocese.

Dr Mar Yulios in his Kalpana thanks each one for full dedication and co-operation extended during the year. ‘Let us all harbor on the intercession of St Mary once again for a blessed future together,’ it adds.

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