Dr Mar Seraphim begins US visit from Aug 13, leads St Mary’s harvest festival

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CHICAGO: Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan Bangalore Diocese, embarks on a 24-day visit to the United States from August 13.

This will be the second visit of the Metropolitan after his ordination as a bishop and the first after taking independent charge as head of Bengaluru Diocese in August last year.

The Metropolitan will visit Orthodox churches in New York, Chicago, Dallas, North Carolina and other states. His Grace will also lead the celebrations of Assumption of St Mary or the Feast of Shoonoyo.

Dr Mar Seraphim will maintain Chicago as the hub, the place where he spent over two years as an Asst Vicar at the St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Oak Park, Illinois. The church is under the South-West American Diocese.

Another high point of the Metropolitans trip will be visit to the famous St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan Township, Pennsylvania. It is one of three institutions of professional theological education in the Orthodox Church in America.

Metropolitan will travel to North Carolina (Raleigh) to meet Fr M K Thomas, the former vicar of Oak Park Church, where the Metropolitan had served as an Assistant Vicar. The Metropolitan will also spend time in meeting friends, relatives and others during his visit. His Grace will hold fellowship meetings, Bible Study and bless marriage ceremonies and give briefing about his vision of the new Bengaluru Diocese.
Dr Mar Seraphim will be back to his Bengaluru Diocese headquarters by September 5.

Here’s wishing the Metropolitan a successful stay in United States.
The tentative schedule is:
Aug 13: Arrival in Chicago
Leads evening prayers and hoists flag at Oak Lawn St Mary’s Church
Aug 14 (Sunday): Leads Holy Eucharist at Oak Park St Gregorios Church
Aug 15-19 In Chicago
Aug 20, 21: Leads St Mary’s Church Feast. Main speaker at MGOCSM meetings, conventions related to the feast.
Aug 21: (Not confirmed) Leads Holy Eucharist at St Thomas Church, Chicago
Aug 22-23: Travels to North Carolina to meet with Rev Dr M K Thomas
Aug 24-28: Travels to Dallas
Aug 28: Leads Holy Eucharist at St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Dallas.
Aug 29: In New York. Pays visit to his grand-mother’s sister
Visit to St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, talks with theologians
Sept 2: Back to Chicago
Sept 4: (Not confirmed) Leads Holy Eucharist at St Gregorios Bellwood
Sept: 4: Leaves for Kerala, India

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