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Church Split – a poem

Once One, the church now into two seeks to separate,
Oh, how ironic, how ignominious this fate !
two parties, who once broke bread together, now bicker and argue
over their rights, who did wrong to who, and what is their due
together they could have been strong and many, now they will be weak and few

The priest and kappyaars all in white
perform the service to nourish our minds and spirits, elevate it into the Light
yet amidst the incense, the Barekmores and the Hosannas ring hollow
the great themes of charity and forgiveness now difficult to follow
together, prayer, chant and song
one wonders how things could go so wrong
to partake in His communion, the congregation no longer rises as one
pain and regret, not just for them but also for the Son

What drives them they cannot see
and so they squabble and fight
they are sure their side is on the right
caught between the two, the priest has no choice but to enter the fray
and in the process he also loses his way
yet Blessed are those who are sent to make peace
for without them this useless strife cannot cease

And so the Center cannot hold
each side will say “let the truth be told”
but by their fratricide, the bishops miter they do mock
the church was not built on this type of Rock
amazed by the circus, others stare and gawk

In the din, the Good News is nowhere to be found
noisy gong and clanging cymbals, that is the sound
so the Great Message is beaten down and brought low
Can they not see this? Do they not know?

Indeed in the church a few seek pride of place
having forgotten the redemptive power of sweet Grace
certainly they do not lack in hypocrisy
in this they are much like the Pharisee
with fears rooted deep in insecurity
yet it wears a hundred disguises
fooling even the smartest and the wisest
for self-deception is the greatest deception of all
present at the inception, present at the Fall

Away from Kerala, now in America,
some men, at home feel less important, even weak
so as remedy, status in their church they do seek
they wish to place their own cross on the church’s dome
not feeling fully appreciated in the Malayalee home

Christians are to reflect the image of Christ
but by the actions of some this is now in grave distortion
sending Christ on the Cross into more painful contortion
for each sees the log in the others eye, but not their own
and this partial perception sets the overall tone

They do not fully understand what sets brother against brother
forgetting the command to love one another
hidden from ourselves sometimes is our own true motivation
so of the Christian message, they make an aberration
quick to judgment, quick to set a poor example
marching to battle, over the spirit of Jesus they do trample
surely Blessed are the humble
without which the church will always stumble

From the other, it is the worst they anticipate
hence their response to perceived insult is disproportionate
and so they lack the ability to successfully negotiate,
and thereby hostility mitigate
rumor and innuendo, tit for tat, action and reaction,
the path to truce finds no traction
in the other they have absolutely no trust
for the Body of Christ to be healthy, this is absolute must

How others perceive them they cannot see
so the church splits now into two, but eventually even three
Alas Alas, this comes at a great cost
for time is running “tick tock, tick tock”
even as a whole generation is irretrievably lost

This tragic truth they do not comprehend
so they do not focus on how the Body of Christ can mend
Aiyoo! Aiyoo!
for against all the bitterness, God has no one else to send