St Thomas Cathedral, Dubai kids summer camp focuses on Malayalam language

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DUBAI: Nelson Mandela rightly remarked: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

That’s what kids at the St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai did for their Venalshibhiram 2011 summer programme with a powerful documentary on the Malayalam language church news. Venalshibhiram programme tried to instill a love for their mother tongue among all the Malayali children who attended the program.

On July 22, the valedictory for the Venalshibhiram 2011 organised by the Orthodox Christian Youth Movement affiliated to St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Dubai concluded with a bang.

A colourful curtain raiser for this year’s edition emphasised on the importance of Malayalam on the theme, Amma Malayalam, Nanma Malayalam was held on July 15, with a display of folk arts such as naadan patu, chakayar koothu and kummatti, a colourful folk dance.

The main programme concluded with over 200 children from the age group of 3-16 reluctantly bidding adieu to their teachers who took them through an edutainment programme which consisted of stories on past and present literary greats in Malayalam, interesting science and maths tricks, crafts and practical classes such as communicating effectively. The programme concluded with the screening of a brief but spellbinding documentary entitled Malayala Peruma or “The greatness of Malayalam” on the Malayalam language covering the literary greats in prose and poetry and exploring the history of Kerala from a cultural and artistic perspective.

Fr T J Johnson, Vicar, Fr Biju Daniel, Asst Vicar, Program Convenor Babukutty Abraham and the secretary, Reju S John spoke at the concluding ceremony with the promise to meet again for a similar camp next year.

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2 Responses for “St Thomas Cathedral, Dubai kids summer camp focuses on Malayalam language”

  1. Mony Koshy says:

    Very good job. We are true Malayalees, not Mallus. Love our God’s own country in full spirit. This is an investment. Our parents, relatives, children, partners all r great. We wanted to keep the memories of our birth place, first teachers, grand parents, neighbours all in our heart. God bless u.


    Mony koshy

  2. MONY KOSHY says:

    Well done.

    Thanks and good wishes to all.

    Mony Koshy, Dubai

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