MOSC to launch project on Christian parenting for kids from Oct to Dec

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KOTTAYAM : The Ministry of Human Empowerment of Malankara Orthodox Church will launch a new project on ‘Christian parenting’ titled Pathirakallee Kathirukal (Let not our grains become chaff). The project will be implemented in all the parishes of the Orthodox Church in the months of October, November, and December 2011.

This new project is the next phase of Church wide Family Empowerment programme like Family Welfare and U–turn.

The focal point of this project is ‘Child is the greatest Gift’. The project envisages to organise orientation programme for parents to rear children in the Christian way by equipping them to face and overcome the challenges of the new age. Classes, seminars, counselling sessions and other programme will be organised at parish-Diocese and church levels.

Those interested to volunteer to serve as Resource Persons of the project may kindly contact: The Ministry of Human Empowerment, Catholicate Palace, Devalokam. P O, Kottayam – 686 038. Email: [email protected] Phone: +91-481-2572800.

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1 Response for “MOSC to launch project on Christian parenting for kids from Oct to Dec”

  1. Reni Daniel says:

    The Ministry of Human Empowerment of Malankara Orthodox Church, led by Rev Fr P A Philip, has launched many good programmes for the enlightenment of our Church.
    The success of these depends on the wholehearted support of our parishes, leaders and priests.

    Our, U-Turn are a few good examples.

    Now our people are ready to pay thousands of rupees for their matrimonial advertisements. Crores of rupees of Orthodox Church members go to private enterprsies for this purpose. But if we cooperate and send these entries to and build up a database of young people who wish to marry, it would be a great achievement for our Church. It needs a little more coperation from our Church members.

    Reading matrimonial advertements make one feel that we are are building BRAND VALUE rather than seeking a BRIDE or a GROOM. Putitng a matrimonial advertisement in Church publishers costs much less than private enterprises. Some print magazines like GEORGIAN MIRROR offer free space. Yet our people prefer the private ones paying thousands. After repeated advertisents only they realiose that all are doing the same thing without getting much response.

    If our Church get the matriomonial advertisements, even at a considerable rate less than the priavte agencies, it would be sufficient to run these publications. The Chuch mmebers should realise that it is 100 times wiser to advertise in our Church publications than going fo private ones.

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